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Zhuhai 2012

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Date: 13-18 November 2012
40071 H6H 107th Air Regiment 60606
31290 JH7A 84th Air Regiment J8IIA-1103
1 CJ5 Heritage Flight J10AY0511
60549 J6 Xiaotangshan 332015
10230 J8DH 4th Air Reg  
4 J10AY BaYi Z9-0320
4282/22 JL8 AU FITB/4th Reg FC10114
.98. MiG-15bis pres, as ‘NKorea AF 2249’  
6067 Z9WZ 15th AirbArmy 909
10-122 JF-17 26 Sqn  
RA-76713 Il-76MD 224 Flight Unit  
B-200L MA600F   RK-109
B-206L Sunward Aurora    
B-522L Le500 AVIC 3
B-3905 Beech 400A Asia Air Medical 7261
B-7012 R44   4873
B-7077 AC311    
B-7142 EC130B4 Zogao  
B-7431 AS350B-3 Allyway  
B-7736 Bell 429 Kingwing Aviation 1228
B-7778 A109S China MSA  
B-8116 CL-300 Hanhwa Airlines  
B-8310 P180 II CFSA  
B-8448 Y5 AVIC 208B2362
B-9321 Ce182T    
B-9592 SR22    
B-9617 Ce208B Yatai Aviation 2157
N79XL Ce560XLS    
N113CN SR22    
N228CC SR20 AVIC Flight Academy  
N448RT Ce680   5
N550GD G550   FL-805
N688JC ERJ135BJ   LJ-2025
N705FJ Falcon 7X   1292
N805EU Beech B350 Hawker Beechcraft  
N8020J Beech C90GTX Hawker Beechcra  
N9401S PC-12/47E    
OE-ING CL-605 VistaJet  
OK-SVK PA-46-500TP   dep 16
PT-TRR EMB505    
PT-TSC EMB-135BJ   2135
RA-89011 Superjet 100 Yakutia 5154
VT-IBP CL-850 Indian Bulls  
.. Enstrom 280FX   Z9-0646
.. Enstrom 480    
34011 AC312 Police  
B-7478 Bell 407GX Red Bull  
B-7788 Bell 429 Red Bull J10AY0510
30176 KJ200 76th ACACR J10AY0514
3 J10AY BaYi J10AY0515
6 J10AY BaYi J10AY0516
7 J10AY BaYi J10SY0209
8 J10AY BaYi J10SY0210
9 J10AY BaYi Z8KA-06
11 J10SY BaYi FC10112
12 J10SY BaYi FC10117
6262 Z8KA 15th AirbArmy  
10-120 JF-17 26 Sqn  
10-125 JF-17 26 Sqn  
RF-90746/05 bl Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi  
08 bl Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi  
10 bl Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi  
16 bl Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi  
20 bl Su-27UB Russkiye Vityazi  
B-007L HO300 AVIC  
B-992L ARJ21 COMAC  
B-1209L AC311 Aviocopter  
B-1233L Y12F Harbin  
B-6388 A320-232 Sichuan Airlines  
B-7136 EC225LP China Rescue  
ES-YLR/0 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
ES-TLG/4 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
ES-TLF/5 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
ES-YLF/6 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
ES-TLC/8 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
ES-YLX/1 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
ES-YLI/3 L-39C Breitling Jet Team  
F-HPAA SA227AC Breitling Jet Team  
N238CC SR20 Cirrus  
N324JM SR22 Cirrus  
N707TJ/3 Boeing 75N1    
N5057V/1 N2S-5 ex USN 61474  
ZU-REL A-600   19
ZU-RFW A-600   19
21049 Il-76MD PLAAF 08, 09, 11, 19
20046, 20141, 20145 Y8 PLAAF 9
20146 Y8 PLAAF 9
20148 Y8 PLAAF 11, 17
B-1233L Y12F AVIC 12
B-3808 Y12   18
LH96101 Z10A   17
B-4009 B737-300 PLAAF 19
B-4019 B737-300 PLAAF 11
B-4061 CRJ700 PLAAF 15
B-4063 CRJ700 PLAAF 9
B-4064 CRJ700 PLAAF  
N381GX Global 6000    
4144, 4148 C-130E 6sq/Pakistan AF  
The night bi-annual China Air Show (or China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in full) was, once again, held at the airfield of Zhuhai in southern China.
Although started out as a civilian sales show the military have increased their participation increasing with every edition. During the business days the weather was good with lots of sunshine and clear skies. This, however, changed during the public days with a low cloud base and the occasional rain shower. Nevertheless it was a great show with lots of interesting aircraft,
Photographic opportunities are great from the static area, but also from the southern side of the airfield where an abandoned hotel offers great views over the runway and display area. You can access this building for a small fee and they will also serve you a delicious lunch.
Between 18 and 23 November 2014 the China Air Show will celebrates its 10th edition, be there!
Credits: Patrick van Stiphout, 4Aviation

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