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Zhuhai 2016

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Zhuhai (China)

Airshow China

1-7 November 2016

12-139 JF-17 Pak AF/2nd sq  
RF-76740 IL-76MD Russ. AF ‘Taganrog’ titles  
RF-78790 IL-76MD Russ. AF  
10098 H6K 8th Div/22nd Reg 02411
10357 J10B 2nd Div/5th Reg  
30472 KJ-500 26th Div/76th Reg  
10156 Y9 4th Div/10th Reg  
6366 Z10K 15th AC  
LH96101 Z10 6th Brigade  
50002 Enstrom 480B Police 5187
Y20 XAC ‘285’ at engine covers  
B-002A AG600 AVIC 001
B-10CE Kodiak Skyview 100-0151
B-10EF Pac750    
B-0413 PC-12/45 Asian Express Avn. 1209
B-10FU PC-6/B2-H4 Asian Express Aviation  
B-10GF DHC-6-400 Reignwood  
B-10HD GA-8    
B-3008 CRJ200ER Jiangsiu 7512
B-3370 CRJ200ER Vistajet c/s  
B-9806 Ce208   208B-5027
N613CL Ce680A Textron Aviation  
Flight Line:
13-149, 13-150 JF-17 Pak AF/2nd sq  
01, 03, 04 J10AY   1 November
08, 09, 11, 12 J10SY   1 November
FTC 2000 AVIC JL90003
02, 07 MiG-29UB Russkie Vitazi  
29, 30, 31, 32 MiG-29A Russkie Vitazi  
02, 05, 12, 17 Su-27P Russkie Vitazi  
20 Su-27S Russkie Vitazi  
B-00PW Y12F AVIC  
B-7341 S-76D China Rescue  
B-4063 CRJ700 34th Div visitor
B-7765 Global 5000   dep
B-8265 G450   dep
Hawk T1/A*/W^ of the Red Arrows:
XX177, XX219*, XX227*, XX232,      
XX242, XX244, XX245, XX278*,      
XX310^, XX319*, XX322*, XX325      
7 November 2016
4178, 4282 C-130E Pak AF  
20542, 20546 IL-76TD 13th Div/38th Reg  
20541 IL-76TD 13th Div/38th Reg  
10254 Y8C 4th Div/10th Reg  
10056, 10152 Y9 4th Div/10th Reg  
The day after provided a first for the Y9 flying support duties.      

Again the biennial officially called 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held in November at Zhuhai airport. Every year a few otherwise secret projects are on display and this year was the revelation of the J10B and J20 fighters both of which are believed to have become operational recently. Unfortunately the two-ship demonstration of the J20 was only conducted for about 1 minute during the official opening of the show, hours before anybody was officially allowed on the show. Among the other aircraft of interest were the first appearance of the low cost AEW KJ500 and the FTC2000 that as proven ever more successful as JL9 within the Chinese military and for which even an order for 6 aircraft for Sudan was made public. Of course, the first public appearance of the AG600 Flying Boat from the adjacent production line was a welcome sign of things to come! Notably absent, again, was the L7 turbo trainer aircraft.

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