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Bogota-El Dorado 2013

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Bogotoa-El Dorado 94 aniversario de la FAC
Date: 8-11-2013
FAC3113 A-29B ESCOM 211  
FAC1203 B727-151C ESCTA 811  
FAC5758 Beech C90GTx nmks  
FAC5746 Beech 350ELINT GRUIA 83  
FAC4478 Bell 206B-3 EHFUP  
FAC1209 C-40 ESCTA 811 spec c/s
FAC1004 C-130H ESCTA 811  
FAC1284 C295M ESCTA 811  
FAC5074 Ce208B nmks  
FAC4525 UH-1H-II ESCAA 412  
FAC4125 UH-60L ESCOM 511  
FAC3060 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC1214 Lj60A ESCTA 811  
FAC5761 SR-560 ESCDA 214  
FAC2256 AT-27 ESCOM 212  
FAC2127 T-37B ESCOM 116  
FAC2440 T-90C EMAVI  
FAC2221 OV-10A ESCOM 103  
FAC1204 B727-2X3F ESCTA 811  
FAC0001 B737-74V GRUVE 82  
FAC1208 C-40 ESCTA 811  
FAC1010, FAC1014 C-130B ESCTA 811  
FAC1282 C295M ESCTA 811  
FAC0002 F28-1000 GRUVE 82  
FAC1041 F28-3000C GRUVE 82  
Flying only:
FAC3041, FAC3045 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC3048, FAC3051 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC3059 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC3006 Kfir COD ESCOM 111  
FAC2123, FAC2124 T-37B ESCOM 116  
FAC2125, FAC2128 T-37B ESCOM 116  
FAC2130, FAC2134 T-37B ESCOM 116  
Each year, the Colombian air force celebrates its anniversary in Bogota on this date. This year, an interesting number of aircraft was put up for static display around 09.00AM,
whilst other aircraft could be noticed on the flight lines. During the official part, including a medal parade led by the Colombian President, two formations made three passes each,
consisting of six Kfirs and six T-37s. After the official parts, the guests were allowed to visit and admire the static aircraft.
Interestingly, SR-560 (a modified Ce560 with APG-66 radar) FAC5761 was the aircraft that aided in the interception of two Russian Tu-160s by FAC Kfirs crossing
Colombian airspace just one week before, on their way from Venezuela to Nicaragua. The aircraft has nine kill markings for narco-traffickers.

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