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Rio Negro 2013

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Rio Negro F-AIR
Date: 12-14 July 2013
15004 CC-150 437sq  
188741 CF-188 409sq  
188797 CF-188 425sq $
ARC212 Bell 212 GATAF 32202
ARC803 CN235-300MPA nmks C-192
EJC3375 Mi-17-1V BAAV 3 $
EJC2101 S-70i BAAV 2 70-3741
FAC3125 A-29B ESCOM 211 31400107
FAC2183 A-37B ESCOM 311  
FAC5078 Beech 350 CATAM FM-42
FAC4470 Bell 206B-3 EHFUP 4593
FAC1209 C-40 ESCTA 811 25262
FAC1686 AC-47T ESCOM 113  
FAC1004 C-130H ESCTA 811 $
FAC1202 KC767-200ER ESCTA 811 also flying
FAC4214 OH-13S CACOM 4 3919
FAC4110 UH-60L ESCOE 512 70-1437
FAC4134 AH-60L ESCOM 511 70-2640
FAC3048, FAC3060 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC3061 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC2213 OV-10A ESCOM 221 305A-33
FAC2259 AT-27 ESCOM 212 312419
FAC2127 T-37B ESCOM 116 ex 67-22258
FAC2450 T-90C EMAVI 11
PNC-3065 Ayres S2R-T65 i/a tail of PNC0270
PNC-0226 C-26B ARAVI DC-811M
PNC-0733 UH-1H-II ARAVI 10811
HK-3200-G Ce208 Aeronautica Civil  
HK-3657-G CeTU206G Ambulancia TU206-06530
HK-4762 R44    
HK-4780 Beech 1900D SEARCA  
HK-4801 Beech 400A SEARCA  
HK-483-G DHC-2    
HK-4899 Mi-171 Vertical 59489617122
HK-4934 EC145   9572
HK-4969-X Beech 200C Aer Caribe  
N150GD G150 Gulfstream  
N1630W PA-46-350P    
N166KA Beech 250 Hawker Beechcraft  
N2000A Falcon 2000LX Dassault Falcon Jet  
N240CW R66   14
N256NM Beech 350 Hawker Beechcraft  
N319VP Ce525B Cessna  
N361HB Beech G58 Hawker Beechcraft  
N437LJ Lj45XR Learjet ex Mexico ntu
N450GD G450 Gulfstream  
N610AT AT-6 Hawker Beechcraft  
N71KQ Kodiak 100 Ryan 100-0071
PP-OCE PC-12/47E Cotia Vitoria Services  
PT-TDQ EMB505 Embraer 50500130
Flightlines other side:
FAC3104, FAC3109 A-29B ESCOM 211  
FAC3110, FAC3123 A-29B ESCOM 211  
FAC1285 C295M ESCTA 811  
FAC5059, FAC5072 Ce208B nmks  
FAC4108 UH-60A ESCOE 512  
FAC4126 AH-60L ESCOM 511  
FAC4129, FAC4131 AH-60L ESCOM 511  
FAC1952 IAI201 ESCOM 113  
FAC3054 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC2256 AT-27 ESCOM 212  
FAC2443, FAC2446 T-90 EMAVI  
FAC2449 T-90 EMAVI  
FAC2451 T-90C EMAVI  
Flightline cargo area:
90-0846/SW, 91-0463/SW F-16DG 77th FS  
Dyncorp hangar:
EJC2171 UH-60L overhaul  
EJC5405, EJC5414 UH-1H-II overhaul  
PNC-0606 +1 UH-60L overhaul  
PNC-0702, PNC-0708 UH-1H-II overhaul  
PNC-0718 UH-1H-II overhaul  
Flying only:
FAC3040, FAC3043 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC3051, FAC3053 Kfir COA ESCOM 111  
FAC2210, FAC2214 OV-10A ESCOM 221  
FAC2218, FAC2221 OV-10A ESCOM 221  
144617 CC-144C 412sq 12, 13
FAC0002 F28-1000 ESCVE821 13
FAC1203 B727-151C ESCTA 811 14
FAC1204 B727-2X3F ESCTA 811 12, 13, 14
FAC1208 C-40 ESCTA 811 14
FAC1215 ERJ135BJ ESCVE 821 14
FAC1260 CN235M-100 ESCTA 811 13
FAC1281, FAC1282 C295M ESCTA 811 14
PNC-0201 DHC-6-300 ARAVI 14
PNC-0203 Beech C99 ARAVI 14
PNC-0258 BT-67 ARAVI 14
73-1218 C-12C USE Colombia 13
85-01270 C-12T-1 OSACOM/AZ 13
$= special colours
The sixth edition of the F-AIR was held during the second week of July. Although basically a commercial event, the weekend days were open to the general public. Obviously, without the military participating, the show would not have been half as big as it was. The show was blessed with great weather, beautiful aircraft, not to mention the girls. As the runway is lined north-south, taking pictures of the aerial demonstrations was best during the afternoon, if you had secured your private space along the rather narrow crowd line. The cramped space for static exhibits allowed for construction number taking, but taking decent photos was a different ballgame. However, our visitors’ passes allowed for access way before the general public so this could be solved with some patience. International participation consisted of USAF F-16s and RCAF CF-18s, with the latter clearly stealing the hearts of the Colombian public. Of course, these are just bonuses considering the interesting types of aircraft that could be witnessed, what to think of formations of four Broncos, or a KC-767 with four Kfirs? Beers served right at the fence line surely made up for the gaps in the air show schedule.


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