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Rionegro,Colombia 2011

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Date: 6-10 July 2011

Made by:


ARC203               AS555SN          GACAR
ARC803               CN235-300MPA     GACAR
EJC1116              Beech C90        BAAV1
EJC1134              Ce208B           BAAV1
EJC2143              UH-60L           BAAV2
EJC3375              Mi-17-1V         BAAV3
EJC4216              UH-1N            BAAV4
EJC5425              UH-1H-II         BAAV5
FAC1010              C-130B           GRUTA81
FAC1658              AC-47T           ESCOM113
FAC2178              OA-37B           ESCOM311
FAC2123              T-37B            ESCOM116
FAC2214              OV-10A           ESCOM221
FAC2259              AT-27            ESCOM212
FAC2441              T-90 Calima      EMAVI
FAC3041              Kfir COA         ESCOM111
FAC3109              A-29B            ESCOM211/312
FAC4405              UH-1H-II         GRUTA91
FAC4133              AH-60L ArpíaIII  GRUCO51
FAC4136              MH-60L Angel     GRUCO51
FAC4214              OH-13S           GRUCO41
FAC4481              Bell 206B-3      EHFUP
FAC5078              Beech 350C       ATAM
FAC5079              Ce208B           nn
HK-2631-G            PA-31T           Instituto Nacionalde V¡as
HK-3200-G            Ce208            Aerocivil
HK-3554-G            Beech 200        Aerocivil
HK-3704              Beech 200        RioSur
HK-4617              R22              Aero express
HK-4639              Bell 206L-1      Aviheco
HK-4645              Beech 400        ASEARCA
HK-4658              Beech 200        Aer Caribe
HK-4697              AW119MK-II       Helicol
HK-4730              An-26B           Aer Caribe
HK-4741              Ce402B           Heligolfo
HK-4752              SR-22            Charterde Colombia
HK-4758              BAe125-900XP     Private
HK-4762-X            R44              Aero express
HK-4780              Beech 1900D      SEARCA
PNC-0733             UH-1H-II         ARAVI
PNC-0202             DHC-6-300        ARAVI
PNC-0257             BT-67            ARAVI
PNC-0266             Ce172SP          ARAVI
PNC-0484             Bell212          ARAVI
PNC-0909             Bell 206B-3      ARAVI
N143LA               PA-46-350P       Private
N1459                Beech 350        Hawker Beechcraft
N200GA               G200             Gulfstream Aerospace
N355RM               Lj55H            eligolfo
N406KA               Beech B250       Hawker Beechcraft
N489GM               CeS550           Air Parts
N76XR                Lj60XR           Global Flight
N771FF               RC690D           Babo Air Llc
N810AG               R66              Private
N910KA               Beech C90GTi     Hawker Beechcraft
PT-SKM               ERJ135BJ         Private

91-0376/CC,          F-16CM           77th FS  
91-0398/CC           F-16CM           77th FS
FAC1202              KC-767           GRUTA81
FAC1281              C295M            GRUTA81
FAC2120, FAC2124     T-37B            ESCOM 116
FAC2125, FAC2127     T-37B            ESCOM 116
FAC2128, FAC2130     T-37B            ESCOM 116
FAC2136              T-37B            ESCOM 116
FAC2184              A-37B            ESCOM 311
FAC2210              OV-10A           ESCOM 221
FAC2253              AT-27            ESCOM 212
FAC3006, FAC3007     Kfir COD         ESCOM 111
FAC3049, FAC3053     Kfir COA         ESCOM 111
FAC3054,             Kfir COA         ESCOM 111
FAC3061              Kfir C10         ESCOM 111
FAC3104, FAC3105     A-29B            ESCOM 211/312
FAC3108, FAC3113     A-29B            ESCOM 211/312
FAC3116              A-29B            ESCOM  211/312
FAC4126, FAC4127     AH-60L ArpíaIII  GRUCO 51
FAC4131              AH-60L ArpíaIII  GRUCO 51

84-0187              KC-10A           60th AMW
ARC702               C212-100         GATAF
EJC1147              An-32B           BAAV1
FAC1282              C295M            GRUTA 81
FAC1952I             AI201            GRUCO 11
FAC5055, FAC5059     Ce208B           nn

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