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Rionegro 2006

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Date: 30 June - 2 July 2006

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6700			R-99A			2°/6° GAv/BrazAF 
63-7895			C-130E	                198th AS PR ANG  
92-3923/SW, 94-0048/SW	F-16CJ	                20th FW          
82-0191			KC-10A	                60th AMW         
FAC4134			AH-60L	                Esc 511		*        
FAC2255, FAC2256	AT-27	                Esc 212	        *
FAC2259, FAC2260	AT-27	                Esc 212	        *
FAC2263			AT-27	                Esc 212	        *
FAC0001			B737-74V		Esc 821
FAC1004			C-130H			Esc 811
FAC1015	                C-130H-1	        Esc 811          
FAC1258			C212M-300		CACOM2
FAC1262	                CN235M-100	        Esc 811	        *
FAC1162, FAC1163	Do328-120		SATENA		*
FAC1172, FAC1173        ERJ145LR	        SATENA	        *
FAC1041			F28-3000		Esc 821
FAC0016	                L-23		        EMAVI            
FAC1952	                IAI201		        Esc 113          
FAC0013	                IS-28B2		        EMAVI	        *
FAC3043	                Kfir C7		        Esc 111	        *
FAC3031	                Mirage5COAM	        Esc 112	        *
FAC2162, FAC2177	OA-37B		        CACOM 3	spec c/s 
FAC4215			OH-13H		        CACOM 4          
FAC2213	                OV-10A		        Esc 211		*        
FAC2330	                T-34A/285	        Esc Basico	*
FAC2121	                T-37B		        Esc 116          
FAC4104	                UH-60A		        Esc 512		*        
FAC4126	                UH-60L		        Esc 512		*        
EJC-116	                Beech C90	        BatAv 1          
EJC-119	                Beech B200 Catpass	BatAv 1  
EJC-123	                C212-100CB		BatAv 1          
EJC-502/N360KA		K-1200		        BAHEL/DOS
EJC-382			Mi-17-1V	        BAHEL    
EJC-428	                UH-1H-II	        BAHEL    
EJC-231	                UH-1N		        BAHEL/DOS
EJC-170	                UH-60L		        BAHEL/DOS
PNC-0203		Beech C99		SAPOL
PNC-0908		Bell 206B	        SAPOL    
PNC-0227	        C-26		        SAPOL    
PNC-0257	        C-47/BT-67	        SAPOL    
PNC-0219	        Ce208		        SAPOL    
PNC-0220		Ce208B			SAPOL
PNC-0733	        UH-1H-II	        SAPOL    
HK-3200G	        Ce208		        ACC
HK-3586			C-117D			stored
HK-3611			Ce414			SASA Colombia
HK-4108-X		Beech 200		SEARCA
HK-4217			Gavilán 358	        SAER     
HK-4237			Bell 206B		ACA
HK-4287-I		R22			Los Halcones
HK-4434			Beech 1900D		SEARCA
HJ-039			J3			private
HJ-169			Fi156			private	
HJ-923P			PA-18			private
N301PG			Ce525A			Papa Golf Aviation
N922FT			B747-2U3B		wreck
* = also flying

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