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Rionegro 2008

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Date: 25-29 June 2008

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In the report below, all listed construction numbers were read off the
aircraft, as were former US serials, nicknames etc. All units were taken
from batches worn by the aircraft or its pilots. The reporters were invited
to the military side of the airfield. Except for the preserved and hangared
helicopters, all aircraft present could be seen from the show area. Most
aircraft departed after dark on Sunday 29 June to resume their operational
duties, or were towed to the military side to allow civil traffic to
regain the show area on Monday 30 June later in the morning. Regular air
traffic, mostly Avianca flights, has not been included in the report.

FAC3124 		A-29B 		GRUCO 31 			31400104           
FAC4134                 AH-60L 		GRUCO 51 	                70-2640 
FAC2263                 AT-27 		ESCOM 212 	Daga            312423  
FAC4472                 Bell 206B-3 	EHFP 		                4595    
FAC1014                 C-130B 		GRUTA 81                                
FAC1280                 C295M 		GRUTA 81 	                033     
FAC1262                 CN235M-100 	GRUTA 81 	                C-121   
FAC2165                 OA-37B 		ESCOM 311 	Diablo, ex 68-7972
FAC4214                 OH-13S 		CACOM 4 			3919               
FAC2213                 OV-10A 		ESCOM 221 			305A-33          
FAC2337                 T-34A/285 	GRUEA 				CG-159            
FAC5115                 U-6A 		GRUEA 		ex 51-16490            
FAC4108                 UH-60A 		GRUCO 51 			70-1431           
EJC-131                 Ce208B 		BatAv No.1 	                208B-1199
EJC-378                 Mi-17MD 	BatAv No.3 	                170M04   
EJC-115                 RC695 		BatAv No.1 	                95066    
EJC-431                 UH-1H-II 	BatAv No.5 	                13436    
EJC-179                 UH-60L 		BatAv No.2 	                70-2835  
ARC801 			CN235-200M 	nmks 		                C-029    
ARC702 			C212-100 	GATAF 		ex TE.12B-41 	79
PNC-0911 		Bell 206L-1 	ESAVI 				45069    
PNC-0258                BT-67 		ARAVI 		                32529    
PNC-0219                Ce208 		ARAVI 		                208-00154
PNC-0102                MD530F 		ESAVI 		                0136FF   
PNC-0150                UH-1H 		i/a 		ex 66-16696  
HK-483P 		DHC-2 		PAC 				597
HK-3200G 		Ce208 		Aeronautica Civil
HK-3554G 		Beech B200 	Aero America
HK-3661G 		A109C 		Aeronautica Civil
HK-4257 		An-32B 		Aer Caribe
HK-4343 		Beech B200 	Searca
HK-4394E 		BAe31 		Sarpa
HK-4551X 		BAe41 		Sarpa
HK-4563 		Beech 1900 	Searca 				UE-113
N150GA 			G150 		Gulfstream
N166CL 			CL-300 		Russell Aviation
N3184W 			BeechC90GT 	Hawker Beechcraft 		LJ-1889
N368CC 			Premier I 	Hawker Beechcraft
N45LJ 			Lj45XR 		Learjet
N592CT 			Cirrus SR22 	Maestracci
N606SV 			Ce680 		Beneto
N898CD 			Beech B300 	Rare Air

FAC3044 		Kfir C7 	ESCOM 111 			62
FAC3030 		Mir M5COAM 	ESCOM 112 			101/102
FAC4136 		UH-60L 		GRUCO 51 			70-3063

FAC2250 		AT-27 		ESCOM 212 	Bull   
FAC2252                 AT-27           ESCOM 212       Baco   
FAC2253                 AT-27           ESCOM 212       Spider 
FAC2257                 AT-27           ESCOM 212       Espia  
FAC2261                 AT-27           ESCOM 212       Llanera
FAC2262                 AT-27           ESCOM 212       Agatha 
FAC2153                 OA-37B 		ESCOM 311       Efesto 
FAC2221                 OV-10A 		ESCOM 221       
78-0546/EG 		F-15C 		58th FS
82-0034/EG 		F-15C 		58th FS
HK-4213G 		Bell 407 	Gobernacion de Antioquia
HK-4449 		R44

Flying only:
FAC1683 		AC-47T 		nmks 		28, 29
FAC1171 		ERJ145LR 	SATENA HK-4525X 29
FAC1173		 	ERJ145LR 	SATENA HK-4536X 29
85-0074/DY 		B-1B 		9th BS 		28

Cargo ramp:
911 			G-IV 		Grupo 10/FAChile 28
PNC-0213 		BT-67 		ARAVI 		28
PNC-0253 		Ce208B 		ARAVI 		29
79-1710 		KC-10A 		305th AMW 	*
HK-3586 		C-117 		derelict, ex LADU
N770QT 			B767-241F 	Tampa Cargo 	*
PT-KDF 			RC500S 		wfu 				3190

Military side:
FAC4130 		AH-60L 		GRUCO 51  	*		70-2633
FAC4131 		AH-60L 		nmks  		*		70-2637
"FAC4102" 		Bell 205A-1 	preserved Rionegro exit
FAC5055 		Ce208-675 	GRUCO 51
...			OH-13 		preserved
FAC5742 		SR-26 		std/hangar 			BC-762B
"FAC4415" 		UH-1H 		preserved 			10390
FAC4109 		UH-60A 		std/hangar/wrapp. 		70-1436
FAC4120 +2 		UH-60L 		std/hangar/wrapped
FAC4121 		UH-60L 		nmks  		*		70-2070
FAC4126 		UH-60L 		nn 		*
FAC4137 		UH-60L 		nmks 		*		70-3072

FAC5570 		Beech C90 	GACAR 		28, 29  
FAC4009                 Bell 212 	nmks 		28, 29    
FAC1281                 C295M 		GRUTA 81 	28       
FAC1211                 Ce550 		GRUVE 82 	28       
FAC1261                 CN235M-100 	nmks 		28      
FAC1271                 EMB110P1 	nmks 		30        
FAC1181                 ERJ170SL 	SATENA 		29      
FAC0002                 F28-1000 	GRUVE 82 	28, 29
FAC1952                 IAI201 		GRUCO 11 	28      
FAC5454                 RC690D 		GRUVE 82 	28      
FAC2417                 T-41D(F) 	EMAVI 		29       
84-00178 		C-12T-3 	nmks 		29

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