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Villavicencio-Vanguardia 2007

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Date: 8-9 December 2007

Made by:


HJ-156 		Fi156 		private (replica)
HK-1175 	C-47 		Air Colombia
HK-1700 	DC-6B 		stored
HK-2006 	DC-3C 		Viarco
HK-2115P 	PBY-6A 		stored
HK-3199 	DC-3 		Aerovanguardia
HK-4052 	An-32B 		Selva
HK-4388 	An-26 		Selva
At Vanguardia airport the air festival Renacer Llanero (a
llanero is somebody from the Colombia’ east) was held. The
airport serves as the entrance to the so called "other half of
Colombia" because the plains and the Amazon region can be
reached mainly from Villavicencio. The festival was named as
such to commemorate the people who have been working in
this region transporting cargo and passengers. Vanguardia is
currently undergoing some rework, like a 900ft runway
extension, modernization of the main terminal building, approach
instruments and lights as part of a master plan for the
airport that also includes the construction of new hangars,
roads and general buildings. The festival was also planned to
celebrate and inaugurate some of these improvements, but
unfortunately they were not all finished yet. Eventually, the
official inauguration has been postponed till 21 December,
but the festival was held anyway.

A very nice display was performed by three crop sprayers of a
regional company, making low passes, ending with a spray of
water with the colors of Colombian national flag during which
the national anthem was played. The larger aircraft were a
little far away for the spectators. Besides the large aircraft, a
gathering of small props of the air taxi companies was parked
on the ramp near the public.

The Colombian made replica of the Fieseler Fi156 Storch took
off and made an amazing show with very slow passes over the
public. At the same time, one of the many DC-3s present took
off with captain Joaquín Sanclemente, the most experienced
DC-3 pilot in Colombia, taking on board a parachuting team.
The clouds were appearing at this time, so, the public waited
for some minutes in order to see the parachutists, jumping
from 14.000 ft and landing in front of the public. Then, the DC-3
appeared again and made a very low pass over the runway
with a high attitude climbing at the end. Then, the small props
lined up and took off one after another, a total of six aircraft
made low passes, formation flights, acrobatic maneuvers
and landed. On Sunday, the parachutist launch was done with
the An-26.

A monument dedicated to the pilots who worked in the region
and lost their lives was erected as well as a photographic
exhibition showing many people who worked in the aviation
branch in the region over the past 50 years. Unfortunately, a
high level of disorganization before the event was the cause of
the small amount of aircraft. But, despite the problems around
the construction done at the airport, the bad weather on the
second day, the late official approvals for the show and the
withdrawal of many sponsors, the festival was a huge
success and opened the way for more events in the future.

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