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Brno 1997

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Date: 9/10 May 1997

Made by: Scramble


3855              F-4F         JG72                                
4362              Tornado      JBG34                               
39120/20          JAS39        F7/Swedisch AF                      
1720/20           L-29         342vlt/Czech AF                     
4606              L-39C        341vlt/Czech AF                     
1523              L-410FG      344dpzlt/Czech AF                   
OOO5              L-610M       LZO/Czech AF                        
4011              Mi-24D       331ltbvt/Czech AF                   
7711              MiG-21MF     LZO/Czech AF		special c/s    
2406              MiG-23ML     41slt/Czech AF                      
4208/53           Su-22M4      321tplt/Czech AF                    
9098/I            Su-25K       322tlt/Czech AF                     
0559              Z-142CAF     343vlt/Czech AF                     
164898/BM-224     F/A-18D      VMFA(AW)-224                        
OK-ANA            Z-242LA      Zlin air school                     
OK-PDB            L-410FG                                          
OK-XYJ            Z-143L       Zlin air school                     
OK-CU009          KP-2UF       privat                              

4354              Tornado      JBG34                               
J-364             F-16A        322sq    		demo c/s       
J-869             F-16A        323sqn                              
0101              L-39C        Slovak AF                           
39124/24          JAS39        F7/Swedisch AF                      
39125/25          JAS39        F7/Swedisch AF                      
3247              L-29         LZO/Czech AF                        
5013/13           L-39ZA       322tlt/Czech AF                     
0710              Mi-24V       331ltbvt/Czech AF                   
0836              Mi-24V       331ltbvt/Czech AF                   
0838              Mi-24V       331ltbvt/Czech AF                   
3756              MiG-21UM     LZO     			spec. c/s      
2425              MiG-23ML     41slt/Czech AF                      
0718, 0719        Sokol W3     62vrlt/Czech AF                     
1002              Su-25K       322tlt  			spec. c/s      
OE-EKD            PC-12        Klaus Durst                         
OK-BNJ            Z-242L                                           
OK-HKD            Ce172 ?      Herbst Aero A.S.                    
OK-IFG            Z-126                                            
OK-IKQ            Ce172        BemoAir                             
OK-PLH            L-200A                                           
OK-PLR            L-200A                                           
OK-WEL            Z-43                                             
OK-XTA            E-300S                                           
OK-XZA            L-610G       LET-OK                              

2601              L-410UVP-E   61dlt          
0928              L-410                       
G-TSAM            BAe125-800B  BAe            
OK-BDJ            L-410UVP-E                  
OK-BYA            CL-601-3A    Czech Gvmt     
OK-FUN            B737-33A     Fischer Air    
SE-DSA            Falcon 20F-5 Saab           

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