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Brno 1999

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Date: 1/2 May 1999

Made by: Andreas Liebau, Pawel Bondaryk

Updated: 10 May 1999

Serial:          Type:                  Unit:               Remarks:            Flying/Static: 
0712             Sokol W-3A             61ZDL/62DL                                  S 
3869             F-4F                   JG 74                                       S 
4498             Tornado                JaboG 34                                    S 
0835             Mi-8PS                 6ZDL/62VRLT         VIP                     S 
2602             Let 410UVP-E           6ZDL/61DLT          VIP                     S 
0705             Mi-24V                 33ZVL/331VRLT                               S 
"101"            Sojka                  3/TV                Drone 
5305             Mig-21MF               4ZSL                                        S 
3244             L-29                   34ZSL/342VLT                                S 
3706/52/NA-1E    Su-22M4                32ZTL/321TPZLT 
9094             Su-25K                 33ZTL/322TPZLT                              S 
3903             L-39ZA                 33ZTL/322TPZLT                              S 
0567             Zlin 142 CAF           34ZSL/343VLT                                S 
2601             Let 410UVP-E           6ZDL/61DLT          VIP 
0551             Zlin 142 CAF           34ZSL/343VLT                                F 
0809             Mi-17                  4ZSL/43SL 
2330             L-29 
4320             Tornado                JaboG 34                                    F 
1002             Su-25K                 33ZTL/322TPZLT                              F 
5832             L-159                  Let                                         F 
5013             L-39ZA                 LZS E.1                                     F 
3713             F-4F                   JG 74                                       F 
0710             Sokol W-3A                                                         F 
0703             Mi-24V                 33ZVL/331VRLT                               F 
7701             Mig-21MF               LZS E.1             spec. c/s, checkered 
G-BWGT           Jet Provost                                                        F/S 
HB-VMG           Astra SPX                                                          S/Airport 
RA-88295         Yak 40                                                             S/Airport 
OK-AKA           Piper Warrior III                                                  S 
OK-AKL           Ce172L                                                             F/S 
OK-DOS           Zlin 143 NAF                                                       F/S 
OK-EOC           Zlin 43                                                            F/S 
OK-GIC           An-2                                                               F/S 
OK-HKD           Ce172N                                                             F/S 
OK-IKQ           Ce172N                                                             F/S 
OK-KGB           Aero 45S                                                           F 
OK-MNG           Zlin 142                                                           F 
OK-OFL           L-200                                                              F/S 
OK-PIM           Schweizer 300                                                      F 
OK-PLH           L-200                                                              F/S 
OK-PLR           L-200                                                              F/S 
OK-PPM           Zlin 142               Zlin Air School 
OK-PRO           L-200                                                              F/S 
OK-XRA           Zlin 50LX              Skybox                                      F/S 
OK-XRB           Zlin 50LX              Skybox                                      F/S 
OK-XRC           Zlin 50LX              Skybox                                      F/S 
OK-XRD           Zlin 50LX              Skybox                                      F/S 
OK-XTA           Extra 300S                                                         F 
OK-XYJ           Zlin 143 L 
OM-0903          L-13 Blanik            Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-1905          L-13 Blanik            Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-1909          L-13 Blanik            Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-2709          L-13 Blanik            Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-LNR           Zlin 142               Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-NNR           Zlin 142               Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-ONQ           Zlin 142               Ocovski Bacovia                             F 
OM-PNQ           Zlin 142               Ocovski Bacovia      (did not fly)          F 

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