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Caslav 2002

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Date: 22 June 2002

Made by:


45+40		Tornado IDS	MFG2  
2851	        L-29		342VLt        
2344	        L-39ZA	        41SLt?  
6003	        L-159A	        42SLt   
0848	        Mi-17	        nn      
0702	        Mi-24V	        331LtBVr
4175	        MiG-21MFN	41SLt 
0556	        Zlin142C-AF	342VLt

Near ATC tower:
0819		Mi-17		334VrRojSOR

Maintenance hangar:
0440		L-39C		341VLt
2350		L-39ZA		41SLt (wfu?)	outside
2430		L-39ZA		41SLt
5508, 5603	MiG-21MFN	41SLt
5744		MiG-23BN	wfu		outside

Shelter area:
5019		L-39ZA		41SLt
4405		MiG-21MFN	41SLt		in shelter
9410		MiG-21MF	41SLt
Plus two more unidentified MiG-21s (which could have the two
Fishbeds that were flying in the morning and are listed below).

5017		L-39ZA		41SLt
5831		L-159A		Aero Vodochody
9804, 9805	MiG-21MF	41SLt

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