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Caslav 2011

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Date: 28 May 2011

Made by: Scramble


0568                Z-142            CLV LOM Pardubice
0836                Mi-8PS11         243.vrl
0981                Mi-35            21 lbvr
2614                MiG-21MA         pres
“3825”              MiG-15bis        pres
5516                Su-7BM           pres
6064                L-159A 
6067                L-159T1  
9235                JAS39C   
9819                JAS39D 
9427                Mi-2             CLV LOM Pardubice
42                  JAS39D           MH 59. Sz.D. R 
FA-87               F-16AM           31sm  
30+65               EF-2000          JG74
0452                C295M            242.tsl
OK-AJW              L-29             ex 3405
’602271’            C-45H            ex USAF 52-10656
D-EELE              CASA I-131E      ex Spain E.3B-589
N313WB              T-28B            ex USN 138238
N409TH              O-2A             ex USAF 68-11150
N6972C              T-6              ex USAAF 42-85897
RS-02               Sea King Mk48    40sm
6073                L-159B 
6049, 6055          L-159A  
6062, 6068          L-159A 
2602                L-410UVP        242.tsl
0717                W-3A            243.vrl
4003                MiG-21MFN        pres gate
5212                MiG-21MF         pres HQ Area
3832                MiG-15bis        pres HQ Area
5733                MiG-23BN         pres HQ Area
4850                MiG-23ML         pres HQ Area
5526                Su-7BM           pres HQ Area
1720                L-29             pres HQ Area
0108                L-39C            pres HQ Area
6035                L-159A           pres HQ Area
Unfortunately not all units were noted, so a lot were retrieved from our database.

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