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Caslav 2015

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Caslav (Czech Republic)

Air Show

23 May 2015

9245 JAS-39C  
9820 JAS-39D special colours
6047, 6066 L-159A  
2433 L-39ZA special colours
9887 Mi-171sh 231.vrl  
2312 L410 UVP-E14 242.tsl  
0834 Mi-8PS 243.vrl  
6606 SW-4 1.OSzL  
026 C295M 8.BLTr/13.el  
4082 F-16D 31.BLT  
39840/840 JAS-39D F17  
Flight line/static:
N7041U T-34B ex USN 144115  
N409TH O-2A ex USAF 68-11150  
N2800G T-28E ex USAF 51-3684  
N9550Z C-45H ex USAF 52-10656/602271  
N436K N2S-5    
G-MXVI Spitfire LF.XVIe ex RAF TE184  
OK-PTW P2-05 ex Swiss U-110  
G-BSZC C-45G ex USAF 51-11701  
N151W P-51D ex USAAF 45-11540  
OK-AJW L-29 ex Slovak 3405  
Grass Flight line:
6614 SW-4 1.OSzL  
3371 Mi-35 221.lbvr  
7357 Mi-24V 221.lbvr  
Main Flight line:
FA136 F-16AM 10w  
FA123 F-16AM 10w special colours
0453 C295M 242.tsl  
6049, 6070 L-159A  
6054 or 64 L-159A  
9819 JAS-39D  
9234, 9235 JAS-39C  
9236, 9237 JAS-39C  
9240 JAS-39C special colours
43 JAS-39D MH 59.Sz.D.R  
39209/209, 39220/220 JAS-39C F7  
39226/226 JAS-39C F7  
39218/218, 39291/291 JAS-39C F17  
39292/292 JAS-39C F17  
Behind Maintenance Hangar:
6057 L-159A  
39839/839 JAS-39D F7  
Preserved aircraft:
4003 MiG-21MFN preserved at secondary gate.  
5214 MiG-21MF preserved at gate.  
0517 MiG-21F-13 Std outside old hangar.  
2853 L-29 area (Tiger colours).  

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