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Hradec Kralove 1993

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Date: 17 July 1993

Made by: Scramble


AT12                  Alpha Jet     9w
CH04                  C-130H        20sm
3797                  F-4F          JG74
4118                  Alpha Jet     JBG43
4481                  Tornado       JBG34
4018/BYI              SA342M        3RHC
2336/AIG              AS532UL       4RHCM
C-10                  F27-300M      334sq
2506                  An-26         2ZMLDP
ZA670/BG              Chinook HC1   18sq
ZG530/CL, ZG533/CF    Harrier GR7   4sq
XX143/GS              Jaguar T2A    54sq
XX839/Y               Jaguar T2A    16sq
XX847/X               Jaguar T2A    41sq
XZ111/GO              Jaguar GR1A   54sq
ZH555/CV              Tornado F3    5sq
ZA150/J               VC10 K3       101sq
XL190                 Victor K2     55sq
81-0962/SP            A-10A         510th FS
82-0654/SP            A-10A         510th FS
T-318                 SA332         nb
6102                  Avia 14FG     FLS
1107                  An-30         FLS
2853                  L-29          11SLP
0005                  L-39MS        1LSP
5017                  L-39ZA        30BILP
0712                  L-410UVP      1DVLP
1524                  L-410FG       FLS
0005                  L-610         nb
0243, 8749            Mi-2          11VRP
7741                  Mi-2          51VRP
0806, 0849            Mi-17         11VRP
0839                  Mi-17         51VRP
0216                  Mi-24D        51VRP
7711                  MiG-21MF      11SLP
4644                  MiG-23ML      1SLP
5616                  MiG-29A       11SLP
3803/27               Su-22M-4      20SBOLP
5008                  Su-25K        30BILP
RA-65760              Tu-134A       Aeroflot

AT11                  Alpha Jet     9w
BD09                  Mirage 5BD    42sm
FA10                  F-16A         349sm
FA53                  F-16A         350sm
3713                  F-4F          JG72
4127                  Alpha Jet     JBG43
4414                  Tornado       JBG34
E23/8, E37/1, E38/9   Alpha Jet     PdFrance
E72/3, E89/2, E121/7  Alpha Jet     PdFrance
E125/4, E126/6        Alpha Jet     PdFrance
E132/5, E140/0        Alpha Jet     PdFrance
F208/64-GH            C-160NG       ET61
502/2-FA, 511/2-FH    Mirage 2000C  EC2/2
(1721)BWR             SA341F        3RHC
MM7132                AMX           RSV
MM55025               AMX-T         RSV
MM54439/12,MM54445/8  MB339A        Frecce Tr
MM54473/4, MM54475/3  MB339A        Frecce Tr
MM54479/1, MM54480/0  MB339A        Frecce Tr
MM54482/5, MM54484/11 MB339A        Frecce Tr
MM54485/10,MM54486/2  MB339A        Frecce Tr
MM54551/6             MB339A        Frecce Tr
MM62130/RS-51         G222TCM       RSV
526 (2960715564)      MiG-29        nb
925 (2960725887)      MiG-29        nb
A-324, A-350, A-398   Alouette 3    Grasshoppers
A-453, A-465          Alouette 3    Grasshoppers
J-193, J-196          F-16A         311sq
013/SP-PCF            PZL130TB      PZL
315                   W-3           nb
0101, 0102, 0111      L-39C         Biele Albatrosy
0112, 0443            L-39C         Biele Albatrosy
4355, 4357            L-39C         Biele Albatrosy
ZA405/Y, ZD996/I      Tornado GR1A  2sq
ZG793/CY              Tornado F3    5sq
T-319                 SA332         nb
3233/B                L-29          20SBOLP
0004                  L-39MS        1LSP
0926, 0928            L-410T        1DVLP
1132, 1134            L-410T        1DVLP
0818, 0819, 0831      Mi-17         51VRP
0832, 0834, 0838      Mi-17         51VRP
0103, 4010, 4011      Mi-24D        51VRP
0701, 0789, 0812      Mi-24V        11VRP
0834, 0839, 0928      Mi-24V        11VRP
7701                  MiG-21MF      11SLP
2406, 2425            MiG-23ML      1SLP
4012, 9207            MiG-29A       11SLP
4006/31, 4007/32      Su-22M-4      20SBOLP
8077, 9013            Su-25K        30BILP
B-5292                Bo105CBS      Policie
OK-JIL, OK-KIE        An-2          REAS
OK-LHH                L-200
OK-LJR                Mi-2          LZS
OK-YXB                Mi-8          Air Transa

3111                  Avia 14FG     stored
3947                  MiG-15bis     preserved

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