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Hradec Kralove 1995

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Date: 13 May 1995

Made by: Scramble


CF01                  Merlin 3A    20sm
3549/BXN              SA342M       3RHC
2336/AIG              AS532UL      4RHCM
F207/64-GG            C-160NG      ET64
BE-35                 S105Ö        JBG
3H-FM                 PC-7         FlS
5605                  An-24V       2ZmDLP
3208                  An-26        2ZmDLP
TE.12B-41/79-94       C-212E       Esc792
T.19B-17/35-35        CN235-100    Ala35
60117/117             Sk60A        F5
XX284/CL              Hawk T1A     100sq
XZ343                 Gazelle AH1  659sq
XX847/FX              Jaguar T2A   41sq
XZ674                 Lynx AH7     659sq
ZG713/G               Tornado GR1A 13sq
ZG752/XIII            Tornado GR1  13sq
XS674/R, XT671/D      Wessex HC2   60sq
84-0084               C-21A        76th ALS
80-0012/SP            F-15C        53rd FS
80-0052/SP "52FW"     F-15C        53rd FS
88-0550/AV "555FS"    F-16C        555th FS
89-1029/AV            F-16C        555th FS
2408                  An-26        63dlt
1107                  An-30        344pzdlt
3241/41               L-29         342vlt
5017                  L-39ZA       322tlt
0928                  L-410T       6zdl
1525                  L-410FG      344pzdlt   hangar
0005                  L-610M       LZS
8750                  Mi-2         342vlt
4011                  Mi-24D       331vrlt
3756                  MiG-21UM     LZO
7711                  MiG-21MF     LZO
4644                  MiG-23ML     41slt
4008/33               Su-22M-4     321tpzlt
7309/41               Su-22M-3UK   321tpzlt
3348                  Su-25UBK     322tlt
8080                  Su-25K       322tlt
0568                  Z-142C AF    343vlt
OK-NKN                Ce650        Chemapol
OK-LJR                Mi-2A/80     c/n 537327091
OK-LKK                Ce421C
SE-ITU                PA-31        Trafikflygarsk.

FA74, FA115           F-16A        10w
2282/AIS              AS532UL      4RHCM
12/2-FS               Mirage 2000C EC2/2
513/12-FJ             Mirage 2000B EC2/2
MM62114/46-80         G-222TCM     98√łGr
MM62130/RS-51         G-222TCM     RSV
A-324, A-350, A-398   Alouette 3   300sq
A-453, A-465          Alouette 3   300sq
C-8                   F27-300M     334sq
J-003, J-511          F-16A        306sq
YD-04                 S105Ö        JBG
3H-FN                 PC-7         FlS
0101, 0102, 0111      L-39C        5LSP
0112, 0443            L-39C        5LSP
4355, 4357            L-39C        5LSP
3911, 7501            MiG-29A      1SLP
A-906, A-910, A-919   PC-7         11St
A-924, A-925, A-928   PC-7         11St
A-930, A-937          PC-7         11St
A-939, A-941          PC-7         11St
XX116, XX119          Jaguar GR1A  16sq
ZD329/H, ZD401/D      Harrier GR7  20sq
62-3577/D             KC-135R      351th ARS
60033/33, 60061/61    Sk60A        F5
60062/62, 60096/96    Sk60A        F5
60098/98, 60125/125   Sk60A        F5
60139/139             Sk60A        F5
0718                  Mi-2         LZS
0834, 0835            Mi-8P        nn
0802, 0832            Mi-17        332vrlt
0850                  Mi-17        LZS
0926                  L-410T       6zdl
0558                  Z-142C AF    343vlt

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E23/FTERO/9,    E37/FTERI/1,    E72/FTERG/8
E97/FTERL/2,    E105/FTERF/3,   E106/FTERJ/4
E125/FTERH/5,   E140/FTERD/6,   E141/FTERA/7

MB339As of Frecce Tricolori:
MM54439/6,  MM54445/8,  MM54473/4,  MM54477/9
MM54478/7,  MM54480/0,  MM54482/5,  MM54483/13
MM54484/3,  MM54486/2,  MM54536/10

Flying only:
3235/35               L-29         343vlt
0006                  L-39MS       341vlt
1523                  L-410FG      344pzdlt
0702, 0703, 0705      Mi-24V       331vrlt
9802                  MiG-21MF     LZO
3313/24, 3802/26      Su-22M-4     321tpzlt
4006/31, 4007/32      Su-22M-4     321tpzlt
4209/54               Su-22M-4     321tpzlt
9013                  Su-25K       322tlt

3947                  MiG-15bis    gate guard

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