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Hradec Kralove 1998

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Date: 30 August 1998

Made by: ARCH, Tony S., Alan Macey, Pawel Bondaryk


1107                An-30 
3233/33             L29                                   (c/n 993233) 
0106                L-39C                                 (c/n 29..) 
1523                L410FG 
5508                MiG-21MF 
3706/NA1E/52/I      Su-22M-4                              (c/n 37406) 
5007                Su-25K 
0715                W-3A                                  (c/n 370715) 
0717                W-3A                                  (c/n 370717) 
0850                Mi-17 
0705                Mi-24V 
0559                ZLIN142 
MM62109/46-96       G222                46 AB 
678                 F-16                331 Skv 
0125                Falcon 20           335 Skv 
C.15-30/15-17       EF-18A              Ala 15 
T.19B-16/35-34      CN235               Ala 35 
2506                An-26 
6627/SL             MiG-29              31 SLK            (c/n 36066/4907) 
71385               An-26 
D-661               CH-47D              300sqn 
B-67                Bo105CB             299sqn 
J-632               F-16A               nb 
J-636               F-16A               306Sqn            special c/s 
39132/32            JAS39A              F7 
XX112/EA            Jaguar GR1A         6sqn 
XX193/CB            Hawk T1A            100Sqn 
ZA598/TN            Tornado GR1         15(R)Sqn 
ZH555/CV            Tornado F3          5Sqn 
ZG776               Tornado F3          nb 
XX224/224           Hawk T1             19(R)Sqn 
15248               Alpha Jet                             tiger c/s 
0813                W-3WARM             1 DLMW, Polish Navy 
3C-JM               AB206 
1104/D yel          Saab105OE 
91-0420/SP bl       F-16C               52FW 
91-0407/SP m        F-16C               52FW (MULTI BUT NO CAG MARKINGS ??) 

2928?               L410                CZ                (1526?) 
..41                Mi-2                CZ                also noted as ..11 

0402                L410                CZ 
0403                L410                CZ WRECK ? 
0501                L410                CZ 
3234/34             L29                 CZ 
2329/29             L29                 CZ 
3403                L29                 CZ 
8748                Mi-2                CZ 
....                Mi-2                CZ 

4320                Tornado             JBG34 
4399                Tornado             JBG34 
E4/7-PG             Jaguar E            EC02.007 
E7/7-PL             Jaguar E            EC02.007 
E24/7-PH            Jaguar E            EC02.007 
522/5-OV            Mirage 2000B        EC5/5 
515/5-OG            Mirage 2000B        EC5/5 
6526                MiG-29              31SLK Slovak AF 
7713                MiG-21MF            31SLK Slovak AF 
C.15-27/15-14       EF-18A              Ala 15 
666                 F-16A               334 Skv 
GF16                Saab105OE           AUSTRIAN 
L-08                PC-7                131EMVOsqn 
L-10                PC-7                131EMVOsqn 
0112                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
0442                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
4355                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
0101                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
0111                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
0102                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
0443                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
4707                L-39C               Biele Alb. 
693                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
694                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
695                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
696                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
697                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
698                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
699                 S.GALEB             Yugo TEAM 
AT25                Alpha Jet           BAF special c/s 
AT26                Alpha Jet           BAF 
L9-51               PC-9                Slovenian AF 
15220               Alpha Jet           PORT 
3C-JD               AB206B              Austrian AF 
3C-JC               AB206B              Austrian AF 
3C-JE               AB206B              Austrian AF 
3C-JH               AB206B              Austrian AF 
3C-JG               AB206B              Austrian AF 
39133/33            JAS39A              F7 
0835                Mi-17               CZ 
0711                W-3A                CZ                    (c/n 370711) 
0836                Mi-24V              CZ 
2330                L29                 CZ 
0558                ZLIN142             CZ 
0567                ZLIN142             CZ 
5501                L-139               CZ 
5832                L-139               CZ (PRIMER ?) 
9013                Su-25K              CZ 
7701                MiG-21MF            CZ SPCL C/S 
0006                L-39MS              CZ 

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