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Hradec Kralove 2002

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Date: 31 August 2002

Made by: Scramble, Paul Coppin, Alan Lock

Updated: 30 November 2003

20*			J35Ö		Flrgt 2      
3H-FA			PC-7	        Fliegerschule
5S-TB			SC-7-3M	        Flrgt 1      
616/3-JS		Mirage 2000D	EC02.003
622/3-IV		Mirage 2000D	EC01.003
33/XA			TBM-700		ETE00.043    
43+46	                Tornado IDS	AG51 
43+68*	                Tornado IDS	JBG32
46+38	                Tornado ECR	JBG32
51+13	                C-160D		LTG61        
MM7151/2-14		AMX	        14°Gr 
MM7177/2-22	        AMX	        14°Gr 
MM54515/61-65	        MB339A	        637ªSC
J-057			F-16AM	        323sq     
J-885	                F-16BM	        323sq     
U-04	                Fokker 60UTA	334sq     
3208	                An-26		2SBoLK/Slovak AF  
H2-31	                Bell412SP	15 Brigada
C.14-16/14-10		Mirage F1M	Ala 14 
T.19B-05/35-23	        CN235EA02	Ala 35 
XX191/CC	        Hawk T1A	100sq  
XX325/CT	        Hawk T1		100sq          
XX139/PT	        Jaguar T4	16(R)sq
XZ364/GJ	        Jaguar GR3A	54sq   
XZ366/FS	        Jaguar GR3A	41sq   
XZ392/PF	        Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq
ZE969/XA, ZG770/WH*	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
83-0500			C-20A		76th AS         
62-3551			KC-135R	        351st ARS       
91-0323/LN		F-15E	        494th FS        
91-0331/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS "48OG" 
88-0413/AV	        F-16CG	        510th FS        
89-2001/AV	        F-16CG	        510th FS "31 FW"
1107			An-30	        343DPzLt        
3247	                L-29	        341VLt          
0113	                L-39C	        341VLt          
1525	                L-410FG	        343DPzLt        
6008	                L-159A	        42SLt           
0709	                Mi-2	        332DVrLt        
0001	                Mi-9	        331LtBVr        
0815	                Mi-24V	        331ltbvt        
4405	                MiG-21MFN	41SLt
0712	                W-3A		62VrLt       
HA-LIX	                Li-2		Sunflower    
* = also flying

12, 13			J35Ö		Flrgt 2
3H-FN			PC-7		Fliegerschule
E-199			F-16AM		nn
ET-612			F-16BM		nn
E6/7-HR, E30/7-HW	Jaguar E	EC01.007
E40/7-HX		Jaguar E	EC01.007
46+32			Tornado ECR	JBG32  
J-016	                F-16AM		312sq, spec mks
J-866	                F-16AM	        312sq          
L9-64	                PC-9	        15 Brigada     
C.14-21/14-14		Mirage F1M	Ala 14
0101/4, 0102/6, 0112/1	L-39C		Biele Albatrosy
0442/2, 0443/7		L-39C	        Biele Albatrosy
0708			Mi-24V	        3VrK/SlovakAF  
6526/SL, 6930/SL	MiG-29	        1SLK/SlovakAF  
60033, 60061, 60062	Sk60A	        Team 60        
60096, 60098, 60125	Sk60A	        Team 60        
60139			Sk60A	        Team 60        
84001/841		Tp84	        F7             
102004/024	        Tp102C	        F16M           
5831, 6073	        L-159B	        Aero           
0809, 0835	        Mi-17	        33zVL          
0812			Mi-24V	        331LtBVr       
0713, 0719		W-3A	        LtLPZS         
B-4363			Bell 412EP	Police         
D-ICDY	                Do28D		ex GermanAF 58+89      
YU-YAE	                G-2A Galeb	ex SerbAF 23177
YU-YAD	                G-2A Galeb	ex SerbAF 23187
YU-YAG	                G-2A Galeb	ex SerbAF 23194

39186/186		JAS39A		F7		shelter area
39806/806		JAS39B		F7		shelter area
3947			MiG-15bis	preserved
0556, 0566*		Z-142C-AF	342VLt		hangars

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