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Hradec Kralove 2012

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CIAF 2012
Date: 9-9-2012
Main static:
H35, H44 A109BA 1w  
CH05 C-130H 20sm  
727 An-32B Croat AF  
453 C295M 242.tsl  
9819 JAS39D  
5015/15 L-39ZA  
6067 L-159A spec. mks
6068 L-159A  
3361 Mi-35 221.lbvr tiger mks
9767 Mi-171Sh 231.vrl  
260 Yak-40 241.dlt  
89+55 Sea King Mk41 MFG5 spec. mks
7 C-27J Lithuania AF  
11 C295M 13.el  
6616 SW-4 41.BLSz  
XX258/CE, XX321/CI Hawk T1A 100sq  
A109BA H44 had a piece of paper behind the windshield with “15 Smaldeel” on it. Not much to go on, but probably the crew belonged to that unit. L-159A 6067 had its tail painted in the colours of the flag of the Czech Republic, with the text “10th anniversary of L-159 service”.
Static eastern end of runway:
2617 EV-97 Eurostar CLV LOM Pardubice  
9428 Mi-2 CLV LOM Pardubice  
731 L-410UVP CLV LOM Pardubice  
568 Z142C-AF CLV LOM Pardubice  
FA84 F-16AM 2w (solo display) demo c/s
FA97 F-16AM 2w  
6051 L-159A  
7353 Mi-24V 221.lbvr tiger c/s
9873 Mi-171Sh 231.vrl  
709 W-3A 243.vrl  
6613 SW-4 41.BLSz  
3911 Mig-29AS ZmK  
SP-YNZ/006 SBLim-2 ex Polish AF 006  
OK-AJW L-29 ex Slovak AF 3405  
N2734D/22734 TAH-1P ex USAR 77-22734  
PC-9M Krila Oluje (Wings of Storm):
055, 056, 057, 059, 062, 069, 070
PZL130TC-2 of Team Orlik:
029, 030, 032, 040, 041, 043
L-39C of the Baltic Bees:
L-39C of the Breitling Jet Team:
Flying only
9234, 9235, 9237, 9243 JAS39C tiger mks
6050, 6052 L-159A  
These aircraft performed some flypasts. They operated out of Caslav and did not land at Hradec Kralove.
Preserved in front of the tower:
3947 Mig-15bis ex Czechoslovakia AF  
The Czech International Air Festival took place on 8-9 September. Unfortunately, the international participation was a bit meagre… Nevertheless, it was a nice little air show with not too many spectators and good opportunities to take photos. During most of the day the sun was in your back. Combine that with a clear blue sky and what more could you wish for? Aircraft on the runway could be photographed with 300mm. Also, the helicopter displays (SW-4, W-3A, Mi-24V) took place quite close to the crowd which also provided some nice possibilities for photos. Because there were many loudspeakers, photography of aircraft on the taxiway was a bit challenging. The static was, as usual, quite difficult to take decent photos of. Lots of pilots with “guests” walking around the aircraft, fences too close to the aircraft etc. A bit annoying was the fact that the crowd had to wave enthusiastically to each aircraft taxiing past, which resulted in a lot of hands suddenly blocking your camera. The entrance fee was 300 Czech Koruna, about 12 euros, plus 100 Czech Koruna for the car-park.

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