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Kbely 1993

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Date: 7-12 September 1993

Made by: Scramble


013/SP-PLF            PZL130TB     PZL
XX500/H               Jetstream T1 6FTS
XX311/T               Hawk T1      92sq
0441                  W-3          PZL
2329                  L-29         1LSP
0448, 4607            L-39C        1LSP
0005, 0006            L-39MS       1LSP
0551                  L-142C       VU030
0928, 0929            L-410T       1DVLP
1132, 1134            L-410T       1DVLP
0005                  L-610M       VU030
4526                  Mi-2         nb
0835, 0838            Mi-24V       11VRP
0839, 0928            Mi-24V       11VRP
5616                  MiG-29A      11SLP
9014                  Su-25K       30BILP
B-2928                Mi-2         Policie
B-5265, B-5292        Bo105CBS     Policie
D-ILKA                Be65B-90
HB-IKW                CL-601-3A/ER Aero Leasing
OE-GIN                Ce550        Aero Charter
OK-004                MiG-21US     VZLU
OK-136                L-610G       Let
OK-BYA                CL601-3A     CzechGvmt
OK-GXA                L-39C        VZLU
OK-IYA                L-410UVP     VZLU
OK-LKK                Ce421C       Air Terrex
OK-NDG                L-410UVP     Le Cygne Sportif
OK-UDS                L-410UVP-E13 Moravia Air
OK-UZI                Be400        SLI Praha
OK-XDI                L-410UVP-E20D Let
OK-XIS                Be206L-III   Alfa Helikopter
OK-XGE                B737-55S     CSA
OK-XKB                Ce208        Aero Charter
OK-YES                Be1900D      Topair
SE-KVL                Be200        Aero Charter

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