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Praha 1997

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Date: 6 September 1997

Made by: Scramble


9013                  Su-25K       322tlt
J-878                 F-16A        323sq
5501                  L-139        Aero
D-EKNW                Pa-32
D-EVAD                Pa-28
F-GLBF/023            TBM-700
F-GNHA                TB20
HB-FGE                PC-12
OK-AKA                Pa-28
OK-BKS                Beech C90B
OK-BNJ                Z242
OK-BYA                CL601-3A     Czech Gvmt
OK-BYZ                Tu-154M      Czech Gvmt
OK-DEK                TB10
OK-JKS                Pa-34
OK-GBL                IL-62        Egretta
OK-LKP                C182
OK-PNE                Z142
OM-LOW/0084           Z43

3756                  MiG-21UM     LZO
0006                  L-39MS       341vlt
1002                  Su-25K       322tlt
0711, 0719            W-3A         62vrlt
J-364                 F-16A        322sq
54 'red'              An-24T       RussianAF
164726/BM-09          F/A-18D      VFMA(AW)-332
'598'                 Su-27P       LII
D-AQUI                Ju-52
OK-XYA                L-410
And also an Italian Atlantic.

Flying only:
OK-AFF                ATR-72       CSA
OK-ICG, OK-TCD        Tu-154
OK-WAB                A310-304ET   CSA
OK-WGG                B737-4Y0     CSA

L-39C's of the Vjazma Aero Club: '67' (r), '07' (y),
'19' (y), '83' (y), '84' (y), '46' (w), '112' (w),
'132' (w).

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