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Praha-Kbely 1988

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Date: 10 September 1988

Made by:


Flightline: (* = also show) 
2903             An24B              CzechAF 
2904             An24B              CzechAF 
5803             An24B              CzechAF * 
5805             An24B              CzechAF 
7109             An24B              CzechAF 
7110             An24B              CzechAF 
0712             Let410UVP          CzechAF 
0731             Let410UVP          CzechAF 
OK-026           Let410UVP          VZLU CzechAF 
OK-028           Let410UVP          VZLU CzechAF 
0927             Let410T            CzechAF 
0930             Let410T            CzechAF 
8218             Mi2                CzechAF 
8748             Mi2                CzechAF 
0210             Mi8S               CzechAF 
0940             Mi8T               CzechAF 
2832             Mi8T               CzechAF 
B-1830           Mi8P               Border Police CzechAF * 
0808             Mi17               CzechAF 
0221             Mi24D              CzechAF * 
0222             Mi24D              CzechAF * 
1027             Su25K              CzechAF * 
9099             Su25K              CzechAF 
0823             Yak40              CzechAF 
OK-080           Zlin Z50           VZLU CzechAF * 
CCCP-11934       An12B              SovietAF * 

Show only: 
OK-002           L39C               VZLU CzechAF 
OK-194           L39C               VZLU CzechAF 
OK-198           L39C               VZLU CzechAF 
3880             MiG23MF            CzechAF 
OK-020           Yak40              VZLU CzechAF 
21/blue          MiG27D             SovietAF 
25/blue          MiG27D             SovietAF 
27/blue          MiG27D             SovietAF 
                 MiG27D             SovietAF 
OK-RYA, OK-RIE   An2                civil SlovAir 
OK-PAI           IL18E              civil CSA 
OK-ODF           Let410T            civil 
OK-SGF, OK-TGB   PZL M18            civil SlovAir 
OK-TGC, OK-TGJ   PZL M18            civil SlovAir 
OK-SCA           Tu154M             civil CSA 
1304             MiG21PF            CzechAF 

4526             Mi2                CzechAF 
3932             Mi8T               CzechAF 
1407             Tu134A             CzechAF 

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