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Ilopango 2010

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Date: 30-31 January 2010

Made by:


424		A-37B		Esc Caza y Bomb.
116		BT-67		Esc de Transporte
803/YS-09N	IAI202		Esc de Transporte
38		MD500E		Esc de Helicopteros
61		MS893-235GT	EAM
613		O-2A		Esc Caza y Bomb.
154		SchwTH-300C	EAM
70		T-35A		EAM
208		UH-1H		Esc de Helicopteros
89-00132	CH-47D		1-228th AVN
02-26955	UH-60L		1-228thAVN
N983TA		ERJ190		TACA

2x		B-1B		7th BW	flying only
250		Bell 412EP	Esc de Helicopteros
801/YS-07N	IAI202		Esc de Transporte
802/YS-08N	IAI202		Esc de Transporte
42		MD500E		Esc de Helicopteros
45		MD500E		Esc de Helicopteros
46		MD500E		Esc de Helicopteros
214		UH-1H		Esc de Helicopteros
215		UH-1H		Esc de Helicopteros
283		UH-1H		Esc de Helicopteros
225		UH-1N		Esc de Helicopteros
238		UH-1N		Esc de Helicopteros
N31GQ		Lj31A		Grupo Q Holdings
YS-02-C		PA-31
YS-195-PE	PA-34
YS-343-P	PT-13/17

601		A-26B		on ramp
500		CM170		on parking lot
58		MS893-235GT	on parking lot
706		Ouragan		on ramp
713		Ouragan		on parking lot
122		UC-123K		on ramp
320		UH-1M		on parking lot
260		UH-1H		on parking lot

Preserved South side:
114		C-47D		on pole
716		Ouragan

118		BT-67		no engines
106		C-47A
109		C-47D
124		C-47A
301		DC-6B

1x		Do28		u/r, ex IDF/AF
PNC-09N		Ce310		Policia Nacional Civil
PNC-06N		Ce310R		Policia Nacional Civil
PNC-02N		MD520		Policia Nacional Civil
YS-1012N	MD520		Policia Nacional Civil
PNC-03N		R44		Policia Nacional Civil
PNC-04N		R44		Policia Nacional Civil
PNC-01N		UH-1H		Policia Nacional Civil
N107PC		PA-31T2		Maca
N170AM		Bell 206L-3	Wells Fargo Bank
N24PH		Ce560XL		Pamplemousse
N350EB		Beech 350	Franklyn Ventures
N38RS		Ce401A		Leonidas Martinez S.
N414CD		Ce414		Reprinter
N8051H		U-8F		BNW USA
N813TL		DC-9-15		wfu, n/t
N917RG		Ce525B		Bank of Utah
YS-19C		PA-34
YS-142P		PA-34
YS-53C		DC-3		u/r
YS-135-PE	PT13/17
YS-155P		PA-31
YS-311P		PA-31
YS-200-PE	PA-34
YS-246-P	Ce337
YS-301-P	RC114
YS-303-P	Ce303
YS-343-P	PT-13/17
YS-358-P	PT-13/17
YS-398-P	CM170
YS-555-P	PA-31		with winglets
YS-1007-P	Bell 206B3
YS-1200-P	R44
YS-1506-P	R44		Helica
YS-1508-P	R44
YS-1509-P	R44

(01)		Bell 407	Esc de Helicopteros
N407GL		Bell 407	Malahaide Investm.
TG-JMB		PA-34-200T
TG-MMD		PA-34-200T
TG-LEC		PA-34-200T
TG-TIN		Ce414A
YS-1001N	Bell 206L-3
YS-1100P	AS350B-3
YS-1111-P	R44
YS-200P		PA-34

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