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√Čtain-Rouvres 2001

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Date: 27 May 2001

Made by:

Updated: 1 August 2002

8304			Sea Lynx Mk88	MFG3
ZA705/BE		Chinook HC2	27(R)sq
88-26077		UH-60A		C/5-158th AVN
86-8947, 86-9048	AH-64A		2/6th CAV
1952/JCM		AS350B		Gendarmerie
1063/BZA		SA330B		3RHC
1372/BXQ		SA341F		3RHC
4020/BYP, 4136/BYG	SA342M		3RHC
4186/BWJ		SA342M		3RHC
4205/BXA, 4211/BXE	SA342L1		3RHC
505			AS565MA		36F
275			Lynx HAS2	31F
F-GGLB			Bell 47		Private

Flightline (near tower):
E65/8-MD, E66/8-ME	Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
R86/61-ZD		C-160R		ET00.061
1598/BXW		SA341F		3RHC
3549/BYH		SA342M		3RHC
F-AZGB			Harvard Mk4	as "52-1475"
F-AZHJ			Vampire FB6	ex SwissAF J-1159
F-AZHS			Hunter F58	as "J-2001"
F-AZPI			CM175		ex 5
F-GHGB			MH1521M		ex 256
And the Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets:
E120/1	E75/2	E128/3	E41/4	E153/5
E175/6	E135/7	E160/8	E121/9	E169/0

Maintenance hangar right:
..../BZD		SA330B		3RHC
4206/BXB		SA342L1		3RHC
4114/BYF		SA342M		3RHC

Maintenance hangar left:
4210/BXD		SA342L1		3RHC
1487/BXS, 1593/BXU	SA342F		3RHC

Operational area :
SA330Bs of 3 RHC:
1109/BZB	1142/BZG	1519/BZC	1122/BZP
1163/BZO	1204/BZT	1017/BZN	1100/BZR
The 1519 was wearing dayglow colours and the 1017 and 1100
were parked in a hangar and had desert colours.

SA341Fs(*), SA342L1s(#) and SA342Ms of 3RHC:
1693/BWA*	3615/BWB	4187/BWC	4053/BWE
4198/BWF	4162/BWH	4168/BWI	4209/BXC#
4213/BXF#	4230/BXG#	1189/BXN*	1234/BXO*
1335/BXP*	1483/BXR*	1508/BXT*	1070/BXV*
3459/BYA	3957/BYB	3996/BYC	4018/BYD
4039/BYE	4175/BYI	3512/BYN	3964/BYO
4059/BYU	4091/BYQ	4120/BYR	4160/BYS
4181/BYT	4191/BYV

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