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Abbeville 2013

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Abbeville Chipmunk and Bulldog meet
Date: 9-12 May 2013
F-AZJV DHC-1-200 ex France 1375  
F-AZLO Chipmunk T10 ex WG479  
F-AZQM Chipmunk T10 ex WP840  
G-AOJR Chipmunk T10 ex WB756  
G-BWTG Chipmunk T10 ex WB671  
G-BWVZ Chipmunk T10 ex WK590/69  
G-HAPY Chipmunk T10 ex WP803/G  
G-PVET Chipmunk T10 ex WB565  
HB-TUG Chipmunk T10 ex WB847  
HB-TUT Chipmunk T10 ex WD347  
OY-ATF Chipmunk T10 ex WD319  
OY-ATO Chipmunk Mk20 ex Danmark P-129  
OY-ATR Chipmunk Mk20 ex Danmark P-140  
OY-AVF Chipmunk Mk20 ex Danmark P-139  
Visit Saturday:
F-GPCJ CM170 ex France 369  
(287)/8-NM Mystere IVA pres gate  
During these four days in total many formation training flights are performed, where the owners of the Chipmunks were trained by a couple of very experienced RAF pilots. All Chipmunks arrived on Thursday 9 may, except for the French Chipmunks, which arrived on Friday.
Due to the less than impressive weather conditions, three Chipmunks had cancelled their participation as they were stranded in the UK, also two Austers did not show up, next to some Bulldogs.
Due to the poor weather conditions, the all-aircraft formation flight, called Balbo, was cancelled for the Saturday.Next year, the meet will be held between 28 may and 1 june.
Registrations between brackets were not shown on aircraft.


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