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Avord 2004

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Date: 19 June 2004

Made by: Scramble, Uli Seibicke, Tim Jones, Dave Albrecht


AT11			Alpha Jet 1B+	1w
50+46			C-160D		LTG62
MM62141/14-22		G222RM		8ºGr                            
MM55056/36-01	        Tornado ADT	12ºGr                   
1508		        An-26		13.eltr                         
E84/314-UK	        Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314               
475/93-CF	        C-135FR		ERV00.093                       
203/36-CC	        E-3F		EDCA00.036                      
A151/7-HJ	        Jaguar A	EC01.007                
220/30-QK	        Mirage F1CT	EC01.030	spec mks
374/4-BS	        Mirage 2000N	EC02.004                
650/3-IA	        Mirage 2000D	EC01.003                
671/3-XK	        Mirage 2000D	EC03.003                
102/YS		        EMB121AA	EAT00.319               
469/312-JN	        EMB312F		DV05.312                        
1447/MAU	        SA341F		ESAM                            
F-AZKF		        Vampire T55	ex SwissAF U-1233       

Flightline near static:
FA114, FA118		F-16AM		nb/10w
028/CNA-MF		CN235M-100	3sq/MorocAF
GF-16			Saab 105Ö	FlgRgt 3	tiger mks
BE-35			Saab 105Ö	FlgRgt 3
E61/314-LQ, E169/314-LE	Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
61/CH			Mirage 4P	ERS01.091
19/5-OX			Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
514/5-OE		Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
118/(VB)		CAP10B		EIA
1x			CAP232		EPAA 20.300
4067/MAM		SA342M		ESAM
F-AZGU			Vampire T55	ex SwissAF U-1229
F-AZTE			C-47A		ex 141406

And Team Orlik with PZL-130 Orliks:
035	040	041	042	044
048	049	050	051

Flightline EAT00.319:
054/YX, 073/YB, 078/YE	EMB121AA	EAT00.319
090/ZF			EMB121AN	EAT00.319
091/YK, 095/YM		EMB121AA	EAT00.319
103/YT, 111/YQ		EMB121AA	EAT00.319
5317/UL			AS355F1		EH01.067
R43/61-MO		C-160R		ET01.061

And CAP232s of Marche Verte:
42/CNA-BV/1	41/CNA-BU/2	37/CNA-BT/3	36/CNA-BS/4
31/CNA-BR/5	29/CNA-BQ/6	28/CNA-BP/7

Hangar EAT00.319:
055/YZ, 066/ZA, 070/ZC	EMB121AN	EAT00.319
064/YY, 072/YA, 076/YD	EMB121AA	EAT00.319
080/YF, 082/YG, 084/YH	EMB121AA	EAT00.319
083/ZE			EMB121AN	EAT00.319
086/YI, 089/YJ, 098/YO	EMB121AA	EAT00.319
099/YP, 101/YR, 107/YV	EMB121AA	EAT00.319
108/YW			EMB121AA	EAT00.319
69, 79			EMB121AN	EAT00.319	FN c/s

Flying only:
201/36-CA		E-3F		EDCA00.036
4x			Mirage F1CR	nn		base attack

202/36-CB		E-3F		EDCA00.036

146/319-GE, 229/319-DW	MD312		preserved
29/BB			Mirage 4A	preserved

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