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Avord 2012

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Avord Air show
Date: 1 July 2012
AT18 Alpha Jet 1B+ 11sm/AJets  
E13/102-MM Alpha Jet E EC02.002  
114/62-IJ CN235M-200 ET01.062  
R202/64-GB C-160R ET00.064  
202/702-CB E-3F EDCA00.036  
070/ZC EMB121AN EAT00.319  
064/YY, 082/YG EMB121AA EAT00.319  
604/18-CF Mirage F1CR (EC05.330)  
260 Mirage F1CT nmk $
94/115-KB Mirage 2000C EC02.005  
665/133-AE Mirage 2000D EC02.003  
106/104-HG Rafale C EC03.030  
84/315-XA TB-30 EPAA00.315  
113/F-SEYD TB-30 EPAA00.315/Cartouche Doré  
F-GUKA/85035 G-120A E-CATS  
F-HGDU/2152 SR-20 E-CATS  
R223/64-GW C-160R ET00.064  
335/125-CI, 357/125-CO Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
367/125/AW Mirage 2000N EC03.004  
99/F-SEXP, 141/F-SEZF TB-30 EPAA0.315/Cartouche Doré  
F-HBKC/1600 EC-120 EAALAT  
5468/VX AS555AN EH03.067  
F-GDNE TB-10 EVAA team  
F-GMKP DR400 Dauphin Aero Club  
310/113-HC Rafale B ETR02.092 30
135/113-GN Rafale C nb 1
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/patrouille de France:
E152/1, E162/2, E130/3, E46/4, E41/5
E166/6, E165/7, E85/8, E163/9, E117/0
EAT00.319 ramp:
054/YQ 073/YB 076/YD EMB121AA EAT00.319  
090/ZF EMB121AN EAT00.319  
98/YO, 099/YJ, 111/YQ EMB121AA EAT00.319  
105/YU 108/YW EMB121AA EAT00.319  
E-3F Ramp:
201/702CA, 204/702CD E-3F EDCA00.036  
$ special colours


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