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Berck-sur-mer 2009

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Date: 23 August 2009

Made by:


62-APY		unknown microlight                   
F-AZAU         	North American T6G-182-800 	ex51-15113
F-AZEA          SV4B 				c/n unknown according to DGAC   
F-AZII          Piper J2			5418                        
F-AZLO          DHC-1				WG479                          
F-AZLS          CAP20 				LS200-08                       
F-AZOZ          Scottish Aviation Bulldog T-Mk1	XX535
F-AZXZ          Yak-3UA				Y337                         
F-AZZY          Ryan PT-22A			1797                     
F-BCPK          Piper J-3C-65			13147                  
F-BCXZ          Nord 1203			N°309                      
F-BDXM          MS.506L				635                          
F-BJVZ          Piel CP 1315			N°914                   
F-BLYU          Nord N.1101			18                       
F-GAXP          Robin R2160-154			218                  
F-GFJJ          Piper PA-28-181-Archer II	28-7990157 
F-GGPS          Aviat Pitt's S2b		5015                
F-GGQF          Robin DR.400-160		1856                
F-GLKD          Robin DR.400-140B		2121               
F-GMBM          Robin Dauphin 4                      
F-GNCM          Piper PA-28-161 Cadet		2841292        
F-GRPA          Mudry CAP232			N°6                     
F-GRRZ          Issoire Aviation-APM Lionceau 2	22   
F-GUAR          PA-28-161 Warrior II-28		7816576      
F-PBFJ          Jean Fischbach Pena Bilouis 	n°14     
F-PPGO		Leclercq Serge-Pottier P60A	28
F-PJLB		Louis Beret Rutan Long Eze	1344                                       
F-POSE         	Potez60				4184                                                          
F-PREV          Rutan Vari Eze 			1961                                                   
F-PYSM          Weber Real-Rutan 33 Vari-Eze                                          
G-AHAN          DH.82A				86553                                                          
G-AHOO          DH82A Tiger Moth		86149                              
G-AIYS          DH85 Leopard Moth		7089                                                
G-ANEN          DH82A				82943                                                           
G-ANFM          DH82A				83604                                                           
G-ANMY          DH82A TIGER MOTH		85466                                                
G-APVZ          Druine D.31 Turbulent 		PFA 545         
G-ARGZ          Druine D.31 Turbulent		PFA-562         
G-ARMZ          Druine D.31 Turbulent Modified	PFA 565
G-ARNZ          Druine D.31 Turbulent Modified	PFA 579
G-ARON          PIPER PA-22-108			22-8822                                               
G-AXBW          DH.82-RUG-W			T5879-83595                                               
G-BYDV          Van's RV6-PFA 			181-12482                                               
G-CBGH          Teverston Bisport		PFA-267	12784                                       
N1942N          Boeing PT-17			75-3895                                                  
OO-IAK          Yak-18				132019                                                         

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