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Bordeaux 1981

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Date: 27 September 1981

Made by: Willy Metze


A114      11-YB       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
A116      11-YD       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
A126      11-YH       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
A127      11-YI       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
A1..      11-YJ       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
A124      11-YL       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
A125      11-YM       JAGUAR A                     EC4/11 JURA 
E18       11-YY       JAGUAR E                     EC4/11 JURA 
16        AO          MIRAGE IVA                   ERI01/328 CIFAS 
53        BZ          MIRAGE IVA                   ERI01/328 CIFAS 
212       DR          MIRAGE IIIB(RV)              EE02/328 CIFAS 
214       DT          MIRAGE IIIB(RV)              EE02/328 CIFAS 
242       DN          MIRAGE IIIB(RV)              EE02/328 CIFAS 
246       DP          MIRAGE IIIB(RV)              EE02/328 CIFAS 
247       DQ          MIRAGE IIIB(RV)              EE02/328 CIFAS 
250       DD          MIRAGE IIIB(RV)              EE02/328 CIFAS 
51-4153   WF          T33S-US                      ETI03/328 CIFAS 
145       328-EN      N2501SNB                     ETI03/328 CIFAS 
200       328-EK      N2501SNB                     ETI03/328 CIFAS 
265       5-NB        MIRAGE F1C-RVT               EC1/5 VENDEE 
          118-BU      ALPHA JET                    CEAM118 
94        312-BI      N2501                        GI312 
          312-BH      N2501                        GI312 
180       43-BT       MH1521                       ELA00/043 MEDOC 
97        43-BA       MS760                        ELA00/043 MEDOC 
3         VW          CAP20                        GI312-EVA 
1620      67-DG       SA330                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
2132      67-JE       SA319                        EH1/67 PYRENEES 
..        AF          SA319                        EPNER 
E 52      RB          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 53      RC          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 54      RD          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 55      RE          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 56      RF          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 57      RG          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 59      RI          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 61      RJ          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 62      RK          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
E 63      RL          ALPHA JET                    GI312-PAF 
          JBJ         SA315                        GENDARMERIE 
          JAO         SA315                        GENDARMERIE 
815       F-ZBDY      F404                         SECTION ATL. 

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