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Bordeaux-Merignac 1983

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Date: 17 July 1983

Made by:


ALPHA JET        E130/8-MT   	ET1/8          
BROUSSARD        195/43-BU      ELA-43         
C-135F           38470/CA       ERV3/93        
CESSNA 404       F-ZBDB/855     DOUANE         
COMMODORE 180    F-ZBBX         DOUANE         
JAGUAR A         A50/11-YM      EC4/11         
JAGUAR E         E36/11-YZ      EC4/11         
MAGISTER         325/GM         CIFAS-328      
MIRAGE IIIB      205/DL         CIFAS-328      
MIRAGE IIIB      212/2-FL       EC2/2  (Hangar)
MIRAGE IVA       59/CF          CIFAS-328      
MIRAGE 2000      6              CEAM           
MIRAGE F-1CR     612            CEAM           
NORATLAS         200/328-EK     CIFAS-328      
NORD 262         109/AM         CIFAS-328      
PARIS            97/43-BA       ELA-43         
TRANSALL         F203/64-GC     ET-64          

ALPHA JET        E14/0		Patrouille de France
ALPHA JET        E52/6		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET        E55/4		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET        E56/8		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET        E58/7		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET        E59/5		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET        E63/1		Patrouille de Franc
ALPHA JET        E107/3		Patrouille de Franc
ALOUETTE II      253/67-DR   	EH1/67
JAGUAR A         A89/11-YH	EC4/11
JAGUAR A         A102/11-YK	EC4/11
JAGUAR A         A116/11-YD	EC4/11
JAGUAR A         A149/11-YB	EC4/11
JAGUAR E         E18/11-YY	EC4/11
JAGUAR E         EC4/11-..	EC4/11
MAGISTER         421/10-KF   	EC10/SLVSU
MIRAGE IIIB      242/DN		CIFAS-328
MIRAGE IIIB      244/DE		CIFAS-328
MIRAGE IIIB      246/DP		CIFAS-328
MIRAGE IIIB      250/DD		CIFAS-328
MIRAGE IVA       9/AH 61/CH  	CIFAS-328 
NORATLAS         128/328-EC	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         132/328-ED	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         135/328-EE	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         148/328-EI	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         162/328-EF	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         163/328-EM 	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         184/328-EG	CIFAS-328
NORATLAS         113/312-BM  	GI-312         
NORD 262D        78/AF       	ELA-43 
PUMA             1370/67-DA  	EH1/67

CESSNA 404       F-ZBDY       	DOUANE
L-100-20         N-4174M/318  	SF Air (Kuwait)    
MYSTERE IVA      48/314-ZF
MYSTERE IVA      306/8-MW 

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