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Bretigny-sur-Orge 1994

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Date: 18 September 1994

Made by:


E4                    Alpha Jet E  CEV
A04/61-BI             C-160A       CEV
386/MQ                C-212-300    CEV
693/BI                Ce310        CEV
453/LJ                CE43         CEV
375/CZ                Falcon 20F   CEV
554/PI                HR100-250    CEV
306                   Mirage 3R    CEV
504                   Mirage 2000B CEV
116/ON                MS760        CEV
8/NC                  N260         CEV
55/MH                 N262A        CEV
576/AF                PC-7         CEV
116/CE                SE-210-3     CEV
2/MW                  SN601        CEV
F-AZCB                MD311        "291"
F-AZDX                B-17G        "22955/122960"
F-AZEF                T-6G         "14387"
F-AZEG                F4U-5NL      "12724/P-22"
F-AZFN                AD-4N        "125716/22-DG"
F-AZHP                Vautour 2N   "348"
F-AZHX                Vampire FB6  "VZ154/4L-H"
F-AZHZ                Venom        "27"
F-AZJA                TBM-3E       ex N9927Z
F-AZOP                Vampire FB6  "192/DU-M"
F-BEJF                Fi-156       "BE-JF"
F-GEDC                MH1521       c/n 5
F-GMTO                SA226AT      Meteo France

E46                   Alpha Jet E  CEV
F155/61-ZU            C-160F       ET61
378/MP                C-212-300    CEV
520                   D140R        CEV
104/CW, 145/CU        Falcon 20C   CEV
330                   Mirage 3R    CEV
1/2-EP                Mirage 2000C CEV
64/330-AQ             Mirage 2000C EC5/330
580/AJ                PC-7         CEV
234/CQ                SE-210-11R   CEV
10/MX                 SN601        CEV
F-BHOO                HD-34        IGN

End of flightline:
6/AD, 185/AC, 248/AB  Ce411        stored
6/AE                  Mirage 4A    stored

617/33-CI             Mirage F1CR  ER1/33
118/NQ                MS760        CEV

Hangar (closed):
336                   Mirage 3R    CEV

Hangar (closed):
388/F-ZVMS            C-212C-300   CEV
288/CV                Falcon 20F   CEV
227                   PA-31        FN

Hangar (closed):
73                    MS760        nn

Hangar (closed):
188/CX                Falcon 20C   CEV

Far side/hangar:
01/AS                 Alouette II  CEV
B01                   Mirage 2000B CEV
1251/AW               SA330B       EPNER
355                   Vautour      stored

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