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Cambrai 1996

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Date: 9 June 1996

Made by:


ST-47              SF.260D            5 Sm/9 Wing 
E-187              F-16A              Esk 727 
ET-612             F-16B              Esk 730 
E139/330-AH        Alpha Jet          EC 05.330 
2327/AIP           AS.532MI           3 EHM/4 RHCM 
213/103-XN         CM.170             SALE 09.103 
539/103-CX         CM.170             SALE 09.103 
554/103-CZ         CM.170             SALE 09.103 
108/YW             Emb.121AA          EAT 00.319           special markings 
632/33-NE          Mirage F.1CR       ER 02.033 
525/12-KN          Mirage 2000B       EC 02.012 
530/12-YA          Mirage 2000B       EC 01.012 
91/12-YO           Mirage 2000C       EC 01.012 
94/12-KA           Mirage 2000C       EC 02.012 
114/12-YG          Mirage 2000C       EC 01.012 
120/12-YM          Mirage 2000C       EC 01.012 
121/12-KF          Mirage 2000C       EC 02.012 
123/12-KR          Mirage 2000C       EC 02.012 
613/330-AE         Mirage 2000D       EC 05.330 
312/4-CF           Mirage 2000N       EC 03.004 
1403/ADJ           SA.330BA           6 EHM/6 RHC 
1447/ANJ           SA.341F            2 EHAP/7 RHC 
4136/AOW           SA.342M            3 EHAC/7 RHC 
HW-309/M           Hawk Mk.51         KoulLLv 
HW-343/E           Hawk Mk.51         KoulLLv 
44+03              Tornado            JbG-34 
46+45              Tornado ECR        JbG-32               tiger c/s 
MM6716/53-21       F-104S-ASA         21? Gr/53? St        tiger c/s 
MM6926/53-14       F-104S-ASA         21? Gr/53? St 
J-261              F-16B              313 Sqn 
J-269              F-16B              nn                   no badge 
15119              F-16B              Esq 201 
ZB605/720          Harrier T.8        899 Sqn              black c/s 
ZD612/719          Harrier F/A2       899 Sqn 
XX173/173          Hawk T.1A          74 (R) Sqn/4 FTS 
XX226              Hawk T.1A          74 (R) Sqn/4 FTS     tail markings 
XZ103/P            Jaguar GR.1A       41 Sqn 
XZ381/EC           Jaguar GR.1A       6 Sqn 
XX487/CU-568       Jetstream T.2      750 Sqn 
ZF512/512          Tucano T.1         1 FTS 
81-0966/SP bk      A-10A              81st FS/52nd FW 
82-0656/SP bk      A-10A              81st FS/52nd FW 
15/F-ZBET          Tracker            Securité Civile 
27                 Vampire            16 F 

FA-101             F-16A              1 Sm/2 Wing          special markings 
FA-106             F-16A              2 Sm/2 Wing 
E134/8-MA          Alpha Jet          ET 01.008            special c/s 
2101/67-CR         AS.319B            EH 03.067 
2088/JCR           AS.350B            Gendarmerie 
2299/AIU           AS.532UL           3 EHM/4 RHCM 
21/CE              CAP.231            GI 312 
F201/64-GA         C-160NG            ET 02.064 
F214/64-GN         C-160NG            ET 02.064 
201/36-CA          E-3F               EDCA 00.036          flying only 
471/312-JP         Emb.312F           DV 05.312 
SA162/68-DJ        H-34A              nn                   preserved 
E4/7-PG            Jaguar E           EC 02.007 
E12/7-PI           Jaguar E           EC 02.007 
E37/7-PQ           Jaguar E           EC 02.007 
12/2-FS            Mirage 2000C       EC 02.002 
146/315-ZK         TB-30              EPE 315 
148/12-YP          Super Mystere B.2  gate guard 
348                Vautour            ex CEV 
37+77              F-4F               JG-74 
38+16              F-4F               JG-74 
43+67              Tornado            JbG-34 
MM6822/53-11       F-104S-ASA         21? Gr/53? St 
MM6827/53-20       F-104S-ASA         21? Gr/53? St 
CNE-ME             CN.235AL           Moroc AF 
J-018              F-16A              nn                   no badge 
J-508              F-16A              312 Sqn              special c/s 
ZD479/ZV           Sea King HC.4      848 Sqn 

SF.260Ms of "The Swallows" (Belgian AF): 
ST-22, ST-33, ST-35 

TB-30s of ETE 315 (French AF): 
92/1, 100/2, 117/3 

Alpha Jets E of the "Patrouille de France": 
E141/1, E89/2, E140/3, E104/4, E173/5, E105/6, E97/7, E37/8, E106/9, E23/0 

CAP.231s of "Green March" (Moroc AF): 

F-5Es of the "Patrouille de Suisse": 
J-3081, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3087, J-3090, J-3091 

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