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Cambrai 1998

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Date: 17 May 1998

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Mirage 4P, French Air Force
Mirage IVP, star of the flying display. A JATO take-off by this impressive beast was the highlight for many (53/BZ).

Photo Gary Parsons

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reg             code       type            unit       c/n        rem 
4591                       Tornado 
4645                       Tornado 
F-POLO                     Jodel 
F-GRPA                     CAP.232 
F-AZJV                     DHC.1                                 Marked as FAP 1375 
F-GJZQ                     DR.400 
F-GOVA                     DR.400 
F-AZDU                     Harvard 
F-GGKL          255        MH.1521                               "5-ML" 
F-AZFI                     P-51D                      122-31514  Marked as 412471 
F-BGXC                     PA.18 
F-AZSJ                     Spitfire                              Marked as RAF SM832 
F-AZIO                     Yak.11 
2054            67-CI      Alouette III 
E 25            314-LL     Alpha Jet E 
E 29            314-TM     Alpha Jet E 
F214            64-GN      C-160F 
R2              61-MB      C-160R 
121             VC         CAP.10 
213             103-XN     CM.170 
202             36-CB      E-3F 
5412            67-VI      AS.355N 
464             312-JI     Emb.312F 
489             312-UH     Emb.312F 
490             312-UI     Emb.312F 
SA.162          68-DJ      H-34 
A 88            7-PC       Jaguar A 
E 7             7-PL       Jaguar E 
E28             7-PS       Jaguar E 
E37             7-PQ       Jaguar E 
37              5-OJ       Mirage 2000C 
96              12-KK      Mirage 2000C 
97              12-KP      Mirage 2000C 
101             12-KJ      Mirage 2000C 
104             12-YK      Mirage 2000C 
105             12-YL      Mirage 2000C 
109             12-YI      Mirage 2000C 
114             12-YG      Mirage 2000C 
119             12-KD      Mirage 2000C 
121             12-KF      Mirage 2000C 
363             4-BK       Mirage 2000N 
511             5-OR       Mirage 2000B 
526             12-KM      Mirage 2000B 
649             3-IS       Mirage 2000D 
471             45-103     Mirage 3E 
53		BZ	   Mirage 4P
32              33-FJ      Mirage F1C 
52              33-FK      Mirage F1C 
520             33-FL      Mirage F1B 
603             33-CB      Mirage F1CR 
172                        N.2501 
G-CUBJ          CDG        L-21B                                 Marked as 18-5395 
130             315-YU     TB.30 
4034            AEL        SA.342M 
4221            AEG        SA.341 
1038            ADO        SA.330Ba 
1811            JCL        AS.350B 
1879            DJ         Alouette III 
F-GMEA                     PC.7                       519 
F-GMED                     PC.7                       480 
XV700                      Sea King HAS.5             WA.671 
ZD402           31         Harrier GR.7               P31 
ZD406           35         Harrier GR.7               P35 
XX200           CF         Hawk T.1 
ZD743           CX         Tornado GR.1T 
HA-SIF                     Z.50LS                     33 
HA-SIH                     Z.50LS                     50 
HA-SIJ                     Z.50LS                     56 
MM62137         46-95      G.222 
AT-25                      Alpha Jet E                B25/11.. 
AT-32                      Alpha Jet E                B32 
MT-13                      CM.170R                    270 
MT-36                      CM.170R                    293 
FA 68                      F-16A                      6H-68 
E-005                      F-16A                      6F-48 
ET-198                     F-16B                      6G-14 

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