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Cambrai-Epinoy 1989

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Date: 20 May 1989

Made by: Rob de Bie


91/65-LU	MS 760			ET2/65,FAF       
78/12-ZF	Mirage F1C	        EC2/12,FAF       
9/12-YQ		Mirage F1C	        EC1/12,FAF       
3/12-YJ		Mirage F1C	        EC1/12,FAF       
33/12-YL	Mirage F1C	        EC1/12,FAF       
76/12-ZH	Mirage F1C	        EC2/12,FAF       
34		F-8E		        12F,FN           
49		Super Etendard	        ..F,FN
02/CB		CAP 230			GI312,FAF
XV402/C		Phantom FGR2	
ZE339/AO	Tornado F3		229OCU,RAF         
ZE291/AZ	Tornado F3	        229OCU,RAF         
73-0715/LN	F-111F		        494TFS/48TFW,USAFE 
520/3-JF	Mirage IIIE	        EC2/3,FAF          
530/3-JB	Mirage IIIE	        EC2/3,FAF          
545/3-JN	Mirage IIIE	        EC2/3,FAF          
E173/1/F-TERP	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E156/2/F-TERG	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E171/3/F-TERN	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E55 /4/F-TERE	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E14 /5/F-TERD	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E107/6/F-TERK	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E63 /7/F-TERL	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E3  /8/F-TERC	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E170/9/F-TERM	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
E172/0/F-TERO	Alpha Jet E	        Patr. de France,FAF
506/2-FC	Mirage 2000B	        EC2/2,FAF          
14/12-YC YG??	Mirage F1C	        EC1/12,FAF         
40/12-ZJ	Mirage F1C	        EC2/12,FAF         
XV751/U		Harrier GR3	        3sqn,RAFG          
FA75		F-16A		        23smd/10W,BAF      
FA80		F-16A		        31smd/10W,BAF      
F88/61-ZF	C 160F		        ET61,FAF           
DM ???		Puma HC1	        230sqn,RAFG        
1214/ADL	SA 330		        6RHC,FAr           
F203/64-GC	C 160F		        ET64,FAF           

Near flightline:
31/12-ZA	Mirage F1C		EC2/12,FAF
510/12-YN	Mirage F1B	        EC1/12,FAF

237/12-KB	Mirage F1C-200		EC3/12,FAF	desert camo
177/12-YA	Super Mystère B2 	ex EC1/12,FAF ?
72-1448/LN	F-111F			48TFW,USAFE	'48TFW'
XV410/(E)	Phantom FGR2
186/12-UT	Mystère IVA		ex EC./12
02/F-TFVA	CAP 10B			GI312,FAF	code 312-VA ??
16		MH 1521			ex (?) ETE41,FAF
429/12-XN	CM 170			SALE/EC12,FAF
64/12-KH	Mirage F1C		EC3/12,FAF

213/12-XO	CM 170			SALE/EC12,FAF
228/30-QI	CM 170	                SALE/EC30,FAF
361/12-XM	CM 170	                SALE/EC12,FAF
432/12-XL	CM 170	                SALE/EC12,FAF

Hangar (closed):
18/12-YA	Mirage F1C		EC1/12,FAF
217/12-KE	Mirage F1C-200	        EC3/12,FAF
233/30-SM	Mirage F1C-200	        EC3/30,FAF

Hangar (behind net):
36/12-ZB	Mirage F1C		EC2/12,FAF
273/12-ZN	Mirage F1C-200	        EC2/12,FAF
6/12-ZQ		Mirage F1C	        EC2/12,FAF
62/..		Mirage F1C

39/12-KA	Mirage F1C		EC3/12,FAF                
73/12-KP	Mirage F1C	        EC3/12,FAF                
229/12-ZB	Mirage F1C-200	        EC2/12,FAF, behind net
69/5-AI		Mirage F1C	        EC3/5,FAF, behind net

../12-YP	Mirage F1C		EC1/12,FAF

Football field:
2101/67-IC	Alouette III		EH3/67,FAF

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