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Cazaux 1989

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Date: 23 July 1989

Made by: Peter Kesselaar


SERIAL          CODE            EXACTTYPE               OPERATOR                REMARKS
136228                          CH-136                  Canadian Forces
140103                          CP-140                  Canadian Forces
2434            67-DI           Alouette 2              French  AF
2119            67-JF           Alouette 3              French  AF
2240            341-EL          Alouette 3              French  AF
E17             8-..            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E33             8-NN            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E66             8-MT            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E85             8-NM            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E91             8-NI            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E95             8-ME            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E108            8-NQ            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E118            8-NT            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E124            8-MC            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E129            8-NB            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E133            8-NU            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E141            8-MQ            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E142            8-MB            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E150            8-NF            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E161            8-NG            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E166            8-MN            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E168            8-..            Alpha Jet               French  AF
E176            8-MI            Alpha Jet               French  AF
38474           93-CE           C-135FR         	French  AF
F208            64-GH           C-160NG         	French  AF
F222            64-GV           C-160NG         	French  AF
227             8-OD            CM170                   French  AF
236             8-OE            CM170                   French  AF
49                              Da 20C                  French  AF              CEV
082             YC              Emb 121AA               French  AF
SA86            67-OY           H-34A                   French  AF              pres.
A10             11-YH           Jaguar A                French  AF
E9              7-PO            Jaguar E                French  AF
E37             7-RM            Jaguar E                French  AF
216             319-BK          MD315  Flamant          ex French AF            civil reg  "..-...."
241             DA              Mirage 3B-RV            French  AF
36              BI              Mirage 4P               French  AF
61              CH              Mirage 4P               French  AF
10              2-LB            Mirage 2000C            French  AF
38              330-AC          Mirage 2000RDI          French  AF
48              -               Mirage 2000RDI          French  AF
244             30-MG           Mirage F1C-200          French  AF
268             30-MQ           Mirage F1C-200          French  AF
120             8-ME            Mystere 4A              French  AF              pres. at gate
1370            67-DA           SA.330B         	French  AF
1660            67-DF           SA.330B         	French  AF
1678            67-BB           SA.330B         	French  AF
139             315-ZB          TB30                    French  AF
615             92-AK           Vautour 2B              French  AF              dump
1189            BRD             SA.330B         	French  Army
4160            .TR             SA.342M         	French  Army
114                             Etendard 4P             French  Navy
31                              F-8E                    French  Navy
34                              Super Etendard          French  Navy
F-ZBAY          23              CL.215                  French  Sec. Civ.
F-ZBBW  	47              CL.215                  French  Sec. Civ.
4622                            Mirage F1EQ6            Iraq AF
MM54504 	61-52           MB339A          	Italian AF
MM54518 	61-70           MB339A          	Italian AF
XV353           353             Buccaneer S2B           Royal AF
C-493                           C-3605                  ex Swiss AF             as "..-..."
81-0984         WR              A-10A                   United States AF
86-0327         TJ              F-16C                   United States AF
87-0337         TJ              F-16C                   United States AF

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