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Cazaux 1993

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Date: 27 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


AT-153                TF-35         Esk729
4480                  Tornado       JBG33
9815                  Su-22M-4      WTD61
306                   F-16B         Skv332
82-0655/SP            A-10A         510th FS
68-0005/UH            F-111E        55th FS
2119/67-CS            Alouette 3    EH67
E28/8-MI              Alpha Jet     EC1/8
E74/8-NO              Alpha Jet     EC2/8
3930/--               SA342M        Arm‚e de Terre
227                   CM170         nn
49/120-FA             Da20C         SIET98/120
A151/11-ER            Jaguar A      EC1/11
A157/11-ES            Jaguar A      EC1/11
82/330-AX             Mirage 2000C  EC5/330
333/330-AG            Mirage 2000N  EC5/330
72/315-WO             TB30          GE315

Platform near end of runway:
F210/64-GJ            C-160NG       ET64
1660/67-AY            SA330B        EH1/67
1671/67-AZ            SA330B        EH1/67
5399/67-VG            AS355         EH67
23/F-ZBAY             CL-215        Securité Civile

E../8-NX              Alpha Jet     EC2/8
1753(JCG)             AS350B        Gendarmerie
2173/JAE              CeU206F       Gendarmerie

Flightline near static:
FA53                  F-16A         nb
4524                  Tornado       JBG33
XZ101, XX965/07       Jaguar GR1A   16sq
XZ493/714-VL          Sea Harr FRS1 899sq
10x                   Alpha Jet     PdFrance
B01                   Mirage 2000-5 Dassault
C01                   Rafale        Dassault

Platform near static:
MT14                  CM170R        33sm
ET-197                F-16B         nn
272                   F-16A         Skv332
XX614/6               Bulldog T1    CFS
XW429/C               Jet Prov T5B  6FTS
XX497/E               Jetstream T1  6FTS
ZF202/202, Zf338/338  Tucano T1     3FTS
E22/7-PI, E25/7-PK    Jaguar A      EC2/7
241/DK                Mirage 3B     EB2/91
52/BY                 Mirage 4P     EB2/91
17/13-PK, 32/13-PR    Mirage 5F     EC2/13
90/30-SA, 231/30-SO   Mirage F1C    EC1/30
68                    SuperEtendard CEV/Dassault
F-AZHP                Vautour       c/n 348

68-0006/UH            F-111E        55th FS
SA86/67-DY            H-34A         preserv
38/30-SB              Mirage F1C    EC1/30
53/BZ, 54/CA          Mirage 4P     EB2/91
61/CH, 62/CI          Mirage 4P     EB2/91
120/8-ME/NE           Mystere 4A    preserv
202/36-CB             E-3F          EdA36

Mass Take Off Alpha Jets:
E5/8-NS,   E11/8-MW, E17/8-NK,  E18/8-MD,  E20/8-ML
E26/8-NP,  E48/8-MO, E53/8-NW,  E64/8-N.,  E66/8-ME
E67/8-MR,  E83/8-NG, E84/8-MH,  E87/8-MP,  E91/8-NL
E93/8-NV,  E96/8-MT, E102/8-MC, E108/8-NI, E109/8-MU
E115/8-MS, E123/8-MQ,E129/8-NB, E144/8-NU, E148/8-NJ
E156/8-MX, E167/8-MV + another two

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