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Cazaux 1997

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Date: 12 July 1997

Made by: Scramble


1107                  An-30        	344pzlt/Czech AF
0441                  L-39C             341vlt/Czech AF 
4605/5                L-39C             342vlt/Czech AF 
6110                  Br1150            MFG3            
1383/67-AN            SA330Ba           EH01.067        
E116/8-MG, E123/8-ML  Alpha Jet E       ETO01.008       
E37/8-NI,  E49/8-NO   Alpha Jet E       ETO02.008       
E124/8-NB, E133/8-NE  Alpha Jet E       ETO02.008       
E142/8-NV, E147/8-NH  Alpha Jet E       ETO02.008       
F94/61-ZL             C-160NG           ETO00.061       
458/312-JC            EMB312F           DV05.312        
470/312-JO            EMB312F           DV05.312        
A92/7-HC              Jaguar A          EC01.007        
227/330-AP            Mirage F1CT       CEAM05.330      
260/30-SO             Mirage F1CT       EC01.030        
303                   Mirage 2000N      CEV             
640/3-IR              Mirage 2000D      EC01.003        
648/3-XT              Mirage 2000D      EC03.003        
X7                    Mirage 2000X7     CEV            
49/120-FA             Falcon 20C        SAL09.120       
96/CB                 Falcon 20C        CEV/EPNER       
1240/AT               SA330L            CEV/EPNER       
32                    F-8P              12F             
24                    S.Etendard        11F             
F-GDPZ                MH1521M           "208/7-JI"      
F-AZOP                Vampire FB6       "10017/192/DU-M"

Hangar behind static:
E17                   Alpha Jet E  	ETO008     
E23/8-MQ              Alpha Jet E       ETO01.008  
E32/8-NQ, E159/8-ND   Alpha Jet E       ETO02.008  
Hangar EH01.067:                            
1311, 1399            SA330Ba           EH01.067   
1660                  SA330Ba           EH01.067   
Hangar Gendarmerie:                         
1574/JCB              AS350B            Gendarmerie
1809/JCJ              AS350B            Gendarmerie

4606                  L-39C        	341vrlt/Czech AF
1375/67-AM            SA330Ba      	EH01.067    
E96,  E143, E152      Alpha Jet E       ETO008      
E168, E176            Alpha Jet E       ETO008      
E66/8-ME, E149/8-MK   Alpha Jet E       ETO01.008   
21/CE                 CAP231            EPAA20.300  
R44/61-MP             C-160R            ET01.061    
E7/7-PL, E21/7-PM     Jaguar E          EC02.007    
E30/7-PK              Jaguar E          EC02.007    
90/33-FC, 100/33-FN   Mirage F1C        EC03.033    
514/33-FU             Mirage F1B        EC03.033    
335                   Mirage 3R         CEV         
560                   Mirage 3E         CEV         
605                   Mirage 3E         CEV         
25/AX                 Mirage 4P         ERS01.091   
4/2-FP                Mirage 2000C      EC02.002    
516/2-FA              Mirage 2000B      EC02.002    
109/AM                N262D             ETEC00.065  
577/AG                PC-7              CEV         
92/1/F-SEXI           TB30              EPAA00.315  
100/2/F-SEXQ          TB30              EPAA00.315  
105/4/F-SEXV          TB30              EPAA00.315  
117/3/F-SEYH          TB30              EPAA00.315  
F-AZFV                T-28              "517692/142"
F-AZMO                CM175             "14"        
F-AZKM                OV-10B            "9924"      
F-AZOO                Vampire FB6       "DU-J"      
F-GKYD                CM170             "172"       
F-GKYE                CM170             "201"       
F-GKYF                CM170             "315"       

Alpha Jet E's of the Patrouille de France:
E173/0/F-TERP, E140/1/F-TERD, E128/2/F-TERN
E97/3/F-TERL,  E153/4/F-TERH, E141/5/F-TERA
E120/6/F-TERG, E38/7/F-TERC,  E138/8/F-TERM

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