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Cazaux 2002

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Date: 19 May 2002

Made by: Scramble,


29+08			MiG-29G		JG73
43+86, 45+89		Tornado IDS	JBG34
J-655, J-656		F-16BM		306sq
15220, 15234		Alpha Jet A	Esq103/301
906			TA-4SU		150sq
939			A-4SU		150sq
91-0332/LN, 96-0201/LN	F-15E		492nd FS
E18/8-NN, E99/8-NF	Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008
078/YE			EMB121AA	EAT00.319
504/312-UX		EMB312F		DV05.312
96/CB			Falcon 20C	CEV
A157/7-HH		Jaguar A	CEV
645/330-AB		Mirage F1CR	CEV
329			Mirage 3R	CEV
61/CH			Mirage 4P	ERS01.091
334/330-AV		Mirage 2000N	CEV     
361/4-CL	        Mirage 2000N	EC03.004
524/330-AZ	        Mirage 2000B	CEV     
603/330-AA	        Mirage 2000D	CEV     
669/3-JZ	        Mirage 2000D	EC02.003
676		        Mirage 2000D	CEV     
680/3-XM	        Mirage 2000D	EC03.003
84/315-XA	        TB30		EPAA00.315      
B01		        Rafale B	CEV     
1809/JCJ	        AS350B		Gendarmerie     
1311/AF, 1678/BF	SA330Ba		EH01.067
5			ATL2		23F

Hangar HM09:
E46/8-NL		Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008

Preserved near EC.8 area:
120/8-NE		Mystere 4A	EC8 mks

Preserved near CEV area:
04			Mirage F1C
100/NG			MS760

CEV hangar:
E4, E8			Alpha Jet E	CEV
605			Mirage 3E	CEV
501			Mirage 2000B	CEV

CEV hangar:
E12			Alpha Jet E	CEV
104/CW			Falcon 20C	CEV
375/CZ			Falcon 20F	CEV
68			Super Etendard	17F

CEV hangar:
377/MO (F-ZVMO)		C212-300	CEV
79/CT, 124/CC, 188/CX	Falcon 20C	CEV
263/CY			Falcon 20E	CEV
555/PJ			HR100-250	CEV
335			Mirage 3R	CEV

CEV hangar:
(1240)/AT		SA330L		CEV
(6010)/F-ZAGG		SA365N		CEV
(2803)/F-ZLAG		AS550U2		CEV
(2815)/F-ZLAH		AS550U2		CEV

CEV hangar:
131/CD			Falcon 20C	CEV

Hangar Gendarmerie:
1574/JCB		AS350B		Gendarmerie
Departed to Arcachon-La Teste in the morning.

025/CNA-MC		CN-235M-100	MorocAF/3sq
1407			An-26		13ELTr

Team Iskra with the following TS-11s:
730/1, 726/2, 702/3, 827/6, 1015/7, 714/9

Green March with Cap231/Cap232*:
09/CN-ABL	22/CN-ABM	23/CN-ABN		24/CN-ABO
28/CNA-BP*	29/CN-ABQ*	31/CN-ABR*

And the Patrouille de France with Alpha Jets E:
E120/1/F-TERG	E135/2/F-TERX	E41/3/F-TERA
E128/4/F-TERN	E75/6/F-TERW	E169/7/F-TERQ
E117/9/F-TERI	E160/0/F-TERC

Hangar HM34:
1330/AO, 1595/AV	SA330Ba		EH01.067

Singapore hangar:
904, 905, 908, 909	TA-4SU		150sq
927			A-4SU		150sq
932, 933, 950		TA-4SU		150sq

Shelter area near CEV:
907			TA-4SU		150sq
993			A-4SU		150sq

CEV area:
242/AW			Ce310K		stored

902			TA-4SU		150sq

AT17, AT26		Alpha Jet E	11sm
29+03			MiG-29G		JG73
928, 938, 941, 942, 957	A-4SU		150sq
E48/8-MH, E76/8-MR	Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
A104/7-HM, A148/7-HN	Jaguar A	EC01.007
E6/7-HR			Jaguar E	EC01.007
77/33-FF, 87/33-FC	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
517/33-FB		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
344/4-AJ, 355/4-AE	Mirage 2000N	EC01.004
353/4-BD		Mirage 2000N	EC02.004

T.19B-04/35-22		CN235EA02	Ala 35
ZG770/WK, ZG796/WC	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
E15/8-NO		Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008
E74/8-MS, E79/8-MI	Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
E106/8-NA, E110/8-NG	Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008
R226/64-GZ		C-160R		ET02.064
5317/UE			AS355F1		ETE00.043
1383/67-AN		SA330Ba		EH01.067
F-ZBEY/T07		Turbo Firecat	Securité Civil

Hangar HM04:
E65/8-MD, E123/8-ML	Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
E82/8-NB		Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008

Shelter area near maintenance hangar:
1321/AH, 1620/AW	SA330Ba		EH01.067

Maintenance hangar:
E21/330-AL		Alpha Jet E	EC05.330
E34/8-MF, E161/8-MK	Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008
E49/314-TA		Alpha Jet E	EAC00.314
E101/8-NQ		Alpha Jet E	ETO02.008

Behind revetment near firestation:
306, 330		Mirage 3R	stored

Flying only:
204/36-CD		E-3F		EDCA00.036

ES-YLF			L-39		nn	433141
F-AZHS			Hunter F58	as "J-2002"
F-AZOO			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1127
F-AZOP			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1192
F-AZXU			MS733		'141/VG'
RA-01909		L-39C		ex KirgAF/136 wh

Dump area/Fireschool:
2240/341-ED		Alouette 3	
A3			Jaguar A	
32			Mirage 3C	tail, part of fuselage
209/DC			Mirage 3B	
309/33-CV		Mirage 3R
609/13-QD		Mirage 3E	upside down	
44/BQ			Mirage 4A
203			MD312
114/NJ, 118/NQ		MS760
28			N2501G 

Preserved near radarstation:
85			Mirage 3C	preserved

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