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Cergy - Pontoise 2008

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Date: 14 September 2008

Made by: Scramble


XX235 			Hawk T1W 	208(R)sq
XX245/245 		Hawk T1 	208(R)sq
11/5-OF, 17/5-OZ 	Mirage 2000C 	EC02.005
F-AVZM 			N2501F 		ex France 105   
F-AZDP                  AD-4N 		ex France 124143 
F-AZIJ                  N302 		ex France 85      
F-AZTV                  Bulldog T1 	ex RAF XX664
F-AZZY                  PT-22A 		as ‘R-089’      
F-GCFQ                  AS350 		Ixair            
N14113                  T-28A 		ex USAF 51-7545  
TC-ABS                  S2S 		Ali Ozturk         

The Cartoche Dore with their TB-30s:
90/F-SEXG/O, 102/F-SEXS/2, 104/F-SEXU/3, 141/F-SEZF/4

The Fougas and the Broussard of the Patrouille Tranchant:
F-GDPX 			MH1521M 	ex France 170
F-AZZD 			CM170		ex 411          
F-GKYF                  CM170           ex 315          
F-GSYD                  CM170           ex 455          
F-GJMN                  CM170           ex 434

A small but nice airshow made attractive by the variety of warbirds
and ex military aircraft.

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