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Chateaudun 1973

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Date: 3 June 1973

Made by: Willy Metze


49        13-SD       MIRAGE M5F                   EC3/13 AUVERGNE 
22                    MIRAGE M5F                   EAA601 
23                    MIRAGE M5F                   EAA601 
24                    MIRAGE M5F                   EA601 
111                   SUPER MYSTERE B2             EAA601 
158                   SUPER MYSTERE B2             EAA601 
60        7-AP        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/7 PROVENCE 
72        7-AX        MYSTERE IVA                  EC1/7 PROVENCE 
178       7-CW        MYSTERE IVA                  EC2/7 LANGUEDOC 
55- 3091  338-HD      T-33S-US                     CEVSV338 
8         118-DD      CM170R                       CEAM 
41                    CM170R                       EAA601 
101                   CM170R                       EAA601 
152                   CM170R                       EAA601 
165                   CM170R                       EAA601 
216                   CM170R                       EAA601 
411                   CM170R                       EAA601 
479                   CM170R                       EAA601 
481                   CM170R                       EAA601 
484                   CM170R                       EAA601 
539                   CM170R                       EAA601 
124143                AD4N SKYRAIDER               EAA601 
124158                AD4N SKYRAIDER               EAA601 
125718                AD4N SKYRAIDER               EAA601 
132       328-ER      N2501                        ETI03/328 CIFAS 
1         340-HG      N2501                        CIET340 
19        340-HJ      N2501                        CIET340 
13        340-VF      N2501                        CIET340 
63        64-IL       N2501                        ET1/64 BEARN 
172       070-MA      N2501                        ESC.CONV.00/070 
135       070-MB      N2501                        ESC.CONV.00/070 
15        070-MC      N2501                        ESC.CONV.00/070 
199       070-MD      N2501                        ESC.CONV.00/070 
264       316-KD      MD315                        GE316 
207       319-CV      MD312                        GE319 
246       070-MF      MD312                        ESC.CONV.00/070 
260       070-MH      MH1521M                      ESC.CONV.00/070 
211                   MH1521M                      EAA601 
44- 7356              C-45                         EAA601 
SA164     68-DL       H-34A                        EH1/68 PYRENEES 
SA167                 H-34A                        EAA601 
52- 9061              F-84F                        EAA601  (PRESERVED) 

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