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Chateaudun 1983

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Date: 11 September 1983

Made by:


FLAMANT   	  124

F-84F         	  29061
MYSTERE B2    	  79/12-YU

AD-4N SKYRAIDER   126965       	CHAD AF   
ALOUETTE II       342/341-RM    CIEH-341
ALOUETTE III      2020/67-IB    EH3/67  
ALPHA JET         E58/7         PDF     
ALPHA JET         E108                  
BROUSSARD         32                    
CAP-20            02/VV         GI-312  
JAGUAR A          A14/3-XF      EC3/3   
MAGISTER          26/33-XE              
MAGISTER          576/118-DM    CEAM    
MIRAGE F-1C       229/5-ND      EC1/5   
MIRAGE IIIC       82/10-RB      EC2/10  
MIRAGE IIIR       338/33-NH     EC2/33  
MIRAGE VF         19/13-PJ      EC1/13  
MYSTERE B2        53/12-YO              
MYSTERE IVA       186                   
NORATLAS          141/64-IJ     ET1/64  
PARIS             83/NC         CEV     
T-33AN            21439                 
Hangar display:                  
ALPHA JET         E44                   
MIRAGE IIIB       207/2-FL      ECT2/2  
MIRAGE IIIRD      356/33-TE     ER3/33  
MIRAGE IVA        03           
MIRAGE F-1C       282
MYSTERE IVA       278

Other hangars:
ALPHA JET         E31
ALPHA JET         E33
ALPHA JET         E36
ALPHA JET         E47
BROUSSARD         239/65-CK
BROUSSARD         282
F100              Rear fuselage only
MAGISTER          96
MAGISTER          201
MAGISTER          222
MIRAGE IIIC       21
MIRAGE IIIE       618/4-AJ 
MYSTERE IVA       24
MYSTERE IVA       191/8-MS 

Flying only:
F-15C             80-0002/BT    36 TFW     
MIRAGE 2000       4/118-AW      CEAM

ALOUETTE III      2060/67-IH    EH3/67
ALOUETTE III      2266/67-IE    EH3/67
ALPHA JET         E122/314-VL   GE-314    
ALPHA JET         E141/314-VW   GE-314
JAGUAR A          A8/3-XL       EC3/3
MAGISTER          316           
MAGISTER          537           
MIRAGE IIIB       215/2-FG      ECT2/2
MIRAGE IIIR       340/33-TF     ER3/33
MIRAGE F-1C       216/5-OL      EC2/5
MIRAGE F-1C       252/5-ON      EC2/5 
MYSTERE IVA       287           
NORATLAS          130/312-BP    GI-312
NORD 262D         93/MA         EDC-70
NORD 262D         ??/MB         EDC-70
TRANSALL NG       F206/64-GF    ET64
Store area:
FLAMANT           210
FLAMANT           227
FLAMANT           237
NORATLAS          87/64-KA
NORATLAS          92/64-IT
NORATLAS          109/312-BN
NORATLAS          123/312-BH
NORATLAS          125/64-BH
NORATLAS          131/64-KF
NORATLAS          145/64-WR
NORATLAS          149
NORATLAS          151/63-WF
NORATLAS          154/64-KJ
NORATLAS          159/63-WR
NORATLAS          163/328-EM
NORATLAS          166/63-VB
NORATLAS          168/64-KB
NORATLAS          207

JAGUAR            ...
MIRAGE IIIE       589/4-AF
MYSTERE IVA       45
T-33AN            24177/314-UC
NORATLAS          32/64-BY
NORATLAS          37
NORATLAS          75/63-VB
NORATLAS          83/63-KF
NORATLAS          85/63-WG
NORATLAS          86/63-WS
NORATLAS          90/55-KB
NORATLAS          106/118-IC
NORATLAS          107
NORATLAS          110/64-BV
NORATLAS          116/64-IB
NORATLAS          117/64-BU
NORATLAS          119/64-BS
NORATLAS          158/312-BN
NORATLAS          164/63-VN
NORATLAS          167/64-BX
NORATLAS          175
NORATLAS          203/328-EL 

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