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Ch√Ęteaudun June 2013

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Journée Portes Ouvertes
Date: 2 June 2013
RH-28 Saab J105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel  
FB24 F-16B OCU, special c/s  
46+15 Tornado IDS JBG33  
E107/F-TEUD Alpha Jet stored, special c/s  
459/312-JD EMB312F stored, special c/s  
A91/11-YG Jaguar A pres, museum a/c, desert  
A117, A137/7-HQ Jaguar A pres, cockpit only  
242/118-QA Mirage F1CT stored, special c/s  
518/112-SR Mirage F1B stored, special c/s  
628/112-NB Mirage F1CR stored, special c/s  
80/103-LI, 103/103-YN Mirage 2000C stored, special c/s  
314, 360/125-CB Mirage 2000N stored, special c/s  
518/5-OM Mirage 2000B pres, museum a/c  
617/133-IS Mirage 2000D EC01.003  
1 Rafale C stored  
139/113-GR Rafale C EC01.007  
61/F-SEWD TB-30 stored, special c/s  
100/F-SEXQ/6 TB-30 stored, Cartouche Doré c/s  
105/F-SEXV/4 TB-30 stored, Cartouche Doré c/s  
As could be expected from an open house at a storage base, most aircraft on the static were pulled from the storage hangars. The base put some effort in this as they selected mostly aircraft in special markings and colours.
Static hangar (open, CANOPEE museum):
2029/67-CE Alouette 3 pres  
161/DJ B4-PC11 pres, glider  
118/VB CAP10B pres  
486, 538 CM170 pres  
790/CW DHC-6-300 pres  
498/312-UQ EMB312F pres  
29061 F-84F pres, as 29117/1-EQ  
182/339-JA Falcon 20SP pres  
A87 Jaguar A pres  
A120/7-HL Jaguar A pres  
E12/339-WI, E22/7-HB Jaguar E pres  
7/2-FD Mirage 3C pres, special c/s  
206/2-FM Mirage 3B pres  
360/33-TI Mirage 3RD stored  
549/4-BF Mirage 3E pres  
1/AP Mirage 4A pres  
15/132-BA Mirage 5F pres  
41/30-FG Mirage F1C pres  
225/30-SO Mirage F1CT pres  
26 MS760 pres  
278/8-MB Mystere 4A pres  
89/AZ N262D pres  
231/2-SC MD450 pres  
16524 T-33A pres, as 18658/314-YG  
54/315-VZ TB-30 pres  
308/30-MC Vautour 2N pres  
The Conservatoire d’Aéronefs Non Opérationnels Préservés Et Exposés (CANOPEE) hangar is normally not open to the general public, only exception is the yearly national French museum openday every September.
Static hangar, left side (closed):
227/330-AP, 236/112-QR Mirage F1CT stored  
248/30-QC Mirage F1CT stored  
516/112-SI Mirage F1B stored  
603/112-NU, 613/112-CC Mirage F1CR stored  
636/112-NL, 637/112-CP Mirage F1CR stored  
641/112-NI, 656/112-CS Mirage F1CR stored  
5/115-OT Mirage 2000C stored  
507/5-OR, 519/5-OW Mirage 2000B stored  
14/315-UM, 21/315-UT TB-30 stored  
36/315-VI, 62/315-WE TB-30 stored  
110/315-YA, 139/315-ZD TB-30 stored  
Static hangar, right side (closed):
27/5-NT Mirage 2000C stored, fuselage, on jacks  
This hangar was between that of CANOPEE and the preserved Noratlas. The aircraft could be seen through gapes and holes in the hangar doors. The Mirage 2000 in the right side could be seen from the left side. There were also off limit hangars near the flight lines, these contained amongst others Mirage F1CR 642/118-CG, Mirage 2000N 362/125-CU and TB-30 116/F-SEYG. Another hangar had SA330Bs 1257/AA and 1326/AI.
RE-25 Saab J105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel  
J-011 F-16AM 312sq  
J-015 F-16AM nb, special c/s  
R201/64-GA C-160R ET00.064  
194/62-HB CN235M-300 ET03.062  
604/118-CF, 611/118-NM Mirage F1CR ER02.033  
49/116-EA, 73/116-ES Mirage 2000-5F EC01.002  
95/115-KM Mirage 2000C EC02.005  
365/125-AI, 370/125-CQ Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
375/125-CL Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
135/113-GN Rafale C nb  
141/113-GT Rafale C EC01.007  
90/F-SEXG, 99/F-SEXP TB-30 EPAA00.315  
113/F-SEYD, 117/315-YH TB-30 EPAA00.315  
77/XD TBM-700A ET00.043  
F-AZKT MD311 ex 260/316-KT  
F-AZNK CM170 ex 217  
F-HKCB SR20 CFAIM02.312  
S1461 Spad VII Replica  
Patrouille de France was using the following Alpha Jets:
E114/F-TERR/1, E46/F-UHRF/2, E94/F-TERH/3, E95/F-TERQ/3,
E166/F-UHRW/4, E73/F-TENE/5, E88/F-TELL/6, E152/F-UHRT/7,
E44/F-UHRE/8, E163/F-TERB/0
Mirage 2000-5F 73/116-ES crashed a few days later, on 5 June.
Flightline in front of crowd:
2802/SK EC725R2 EH01.067  
5468/VX AS555AN nb  
105/XK TBM-700A ET00.043  
F-HBKB EC120B HeliDax  
Aeroclub parking:
717/UT HK36TTC nn  
Flying Only:
617/118-NE, 659/118-NT Mirage F1CR ER02.033  
Preserved static side:
464 CM170 pres, inside gate  
A43/7-HF, A154/11-YN Jaguar A pres, near HQ  
367/33-TP Mirage 3RD pres, main gate  
(10)/12-ZD Mirage F1C pres, near ATC  
49/30-MQ Mirage F1C pres, between hangars  
171 N2501SNA pres, between hangars  
79/10-RH S. Mystere B2 pres, near parklng area  
615/92-AK Vautour 2B pres, near HQ  
The main attraction of the base were the aircraft in (outside) storage on the other side of the runway. A large number of them are parked on the old German runway. These aircraft here will not return to service and most are missing a number of parts which could include wings, tails and landing gears. Not all have their normal serials presentation any more due to missing bits. These have been replaced by sprayed on serial, mostly in red. Not all serials were reported/logged during the open day, these are marked with #. Serials of these aircraft are obtained from pictures of several base visits earlier in 2013, where their status, position and serial/codes were confirmed. There were basically three rows of aircraft.
German runway – west rows (in parking order, starting from the road):
131 Falcon 20C stored  
291/F-RAEG Falcon 20E stored  
422/F-RAEH Falcon 20F stored  
426 CM170 stored  
537 CM170 stored  
425 CM170 stored  
210 CM170 stored, blue nose  
407/12-XM CM170 stored, on belly, no fins  
55/312-HB CM170 stored, on belly, red nose  
529/3-IS Mirage 3E stored, on belly, silver c/s  
567/VF CM170 stored, on belly, blue c/s  
13/315-UL TB-30 stored, wreck, dismantled  
100 N262E stored  
79 N262E stored  
53 N262E stored  
69 N262E stored  
75 N262E stored  
52 N262E stored  
45 N262E stored  
71 N262E stored  
63 N262E stored  
73 N262E stored  
70 N262E stored  
46 N262E stored  
51 N262E stored, tiger c/s  
95/AR N262D stored  
F-BPNV N262A stored, on belly  
41 N2501G stored, on belly  
080/YF EMB121AA stored, on belly  
076/YD EMB121AA stored, on belly  
A145/7-HG Jaguar A stored  
648 # Mirage F1CR stored  
A90 Jaguar A stored  
623/112-AW # Mirage F1CR stored  
A53 Jaguar A stored  
84 # Mirage F1C stored, on wheels, desert camo  
A158/7-HT Jaguar A stored  
608/33-CW Mirage F1CR stored  
A103 Jaguar A stored  
3/12-ZO Mirage F1C stored  
A115 Jaguar A stored  
6/30-SJ Mirage F1C stored  
A84 Jaguar A stored  
81 # Mirage F1C stored, on belly, desert c/s  
A108/7-HQ Jaguar A stored  
612/33-NJ Mirage F1CR stored, on belly  
A38 Jaguar A stored  
A144/7-HA Jaguar A stored  
350 Mirage 3R stored, on belly  
Middle row (in parking order, pointing east, starting from the road):
643 Mirage F1CR stored  
A150/7-HE Jaguar A stored  
651/33-NB # Mirage F1CR stored, no tail fin  
635/112-NP Mirage F1CR stored  
630/112-CN Mirage F1CR stored  
640/118-NV Mirage F1CR stored  
Mirage 651 had no tail and basically only its spine could be seen from outside.
Middle row (in parking order, pointing west, starting from the road):
624/112-NY Mirage F1CR stored  
627/112-NA Mirage F1CR stored  
281 Mirage F1CT stored, MF2000 marks  
A138/7-HV Jaguar A stored  
520/3-IT Mirage 3E stored  
616/118-NX Mirage F1CR stored  
East row (in parking order, starting from the road):
20 Mirage 2000C stored  
508 Mirage 2000B stored  
17 Mirage 2000C stored  
326/116-AS Mirage 2000N stored  
E66/8-ME Alpha Jet E stored  
E92/2-FL Alpha Jet E stored  
E91/102-RL Alpha Jet E stored  
E9/102-LF Alpha Jet E stored  
E133/8-MN Alpha Jet E stored  
E15/8-NO Alpha Jet E stored  
E159/8-MG Alpha Jet E stored  
E150/8-NC Alpha Jet E stored  
E19/314-LO Alpha Jet E stored  
E63/8-MZ Alpha Jet E stored  
E21/8-NK Alpha Jet E stored  
E65/7-PV Alpha Jet E stored  
E36/314-UF Alpha Jet E stored  
330/116-AT Mirage 2000N stored  
The next row was the most difficult one. It looked like Mirage 2000 fuselages lying tightly next to each other. However there were also several Alpha Jets in this row of which only their dismantled tail fins were noted, these Alpha Jets should be E10/314-UL, E34/8-MF, E76/102-RJ en E126/312-RT.
In parking order:
53/2-FA Mirage 2000 stored, on belly  
39 Mirage 2000-5F stored, on belly  
4/5-NT Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
? Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
1/5-NC Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
E23/314-UG Alpha Jet E stored, on belly  
327/125-CJ Mirage 2000N stored, on belly  
84/12-KT # Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
E154 Alpha Jet E stored, tail only  
79/115-LE Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
311/116-AF Mirage 2000N stored, on belly  
331/116-BO Mirage 2000N stored, on belly, with tail fin  
? Mirage 2000 stored, on belly  
341/116-BT Mirage 2000N stored, on belly  
8 Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
317/4-BP Mirage 2000N stored, on belly  
510/115-OQ Mirage 2000B stored, on belly, with tail fin  
12/115-OH Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
325/4-CC Mirage 2000N stored, on belly  
315/4-BF Mirage 2000N stored, on belly  
3/115-OG # Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
30/5-OF Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
16 # Mirage 2000C stored, on belly  
To the west of the German runway is the so called Nivouville storage side. On outside storage are:
F16/61-MK #, C-160F stored, camo c/s  
R100/61-ZR C-160R stored, camo c/s  
RA04/61-MS, RA06/61-ZB C-160R stored, grey c/s  
R13/61-MH, R17/61-ML C-160R stored, grey c/s  
R44/61-MP, R45/61-MQ C-160R stored, grey c/s  
R52/61-MX, R53/61-MY C-160R stored, grey c/s  
484 CM170 stored  
93/F-RAED, 260/F-RAEA Falcon 20C stored  
115/339-JG, 451/339-JC Falcon 20SNA stored  
186/339-JE Falcon 20SNA stored, in front of shelter  
268/F-RAEF Falcon 20C stored  
A2/11-RA Jaguar A stored  
650/112-NZ Mirage F1CR stored  
64/AA, 66/AB, 68/AC N262D stored  
76/316-DA, 83/316-DB N262D-AEN stored  
77/AK, 80/AW, 81/AH N262D stored  
87/316-DC, 92/316-DE N262D-AEN stored  
88/AL, 91/AT, 93/AP N262D stored  
94/AU, 105/AE, 106/AY N262D stored  
107/AX, 108/AG, 109/AM N262D stored  
110/AS N262D stored  
Eight grey Transalls were parked in a row visible from the outside road, two (F16 and R100) were on the other end of the N262 pack and visible from the static.
On the northern end of this area are aircraft used by the Equipe d’Etudes Techniques de Réparations Dommages de Circonstances (EETRDC) and Equipe d’Etudes Techniques des Méthodes de Stockage (EETMdS). These aircraft were easily seen from the static.


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