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Cognac-Chateaubernard 2013

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Cognac Air show
Date: 29-9-2013
RS05 Sea King Mk48 48sm  
514/DO D140R EETAA00.722  
384/315-QM CM170 pres in hangar  
67/315-WJ, 149/315-ZM TB-30 EPAA00.315  
082/YG EMB121AA EAT00.319  
E101/120-TT Alpha Jet E ETO00.008  
654/118-NC Mirage F1CR ER02.033 spec marks
648/133-X Mirage 2000D EC03.003  
54 /118-EZ Mirage 2000-5 ECE05.330  
27 Rafale M 12F  
131 /118-GJ Rafale C EC02.030  
609/B609 Centrair C101A CMP25.535  
F-GUKN Grob 120A ECATS  
F-PGCD NC856A ex 33  
F-BCDX L-4H ex USAAF 43-29237  
F-AZOO Vampire FB6 ex Swiss J-1127  
F-GJAC MH1521M ex 180/44-AC  
Flight line:
(03)/F-TGCH Extra 330LC EVAA  
2221/JCY AS350A Gendarmerie  
121/315-YL, 93/315-XL TB-30 EPAA00.315  
146/315-ZK TB-30 EPAA00.315  
R159/61-ZY C-160R ET00.061  
106/113-HG, 107/113-HJ Rafale C EC01.007  
362/125-CU, 369/125-AG Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
372 /125-CM Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
5455/VT AS555AN EH03.067  
122/115-YE Mirage 2000C EC02.005  
2802/SK EC725R2 EH01.067  
4187/GKE SA342M EAALAT  
2045/BIM Tigre HAP 5 RHC  
197/62-HE CN235M ET03.062 $
FA84 F-16AM 2w  
ZK306/BT Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
ZK344/BQ Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
F-AZJT N3202 ex 71  
F-AZSA MS733 ex 149  
F-AZCV T-6G ex 114456’  
F-AZZI P-149D ‘MM559’  
F-PMOZ Mosquito 3 “PZ460/NE-K”  
SF260M+ of CC Air, Red Devils:
ST03, ST04, ST15, ST23,ST27
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300, Patrouille de France:
E114/1, E46/2,E95/3, E166/4, E73/5, E94/6 E152/7, E130/8, E158/9, E163/0, E44/-
TB-30 of EPAA00.315, Cartouche Doree:
116/F-SEYG, 113/F-SEYD, 99/F-SEXP & 90/F-SEXG
PC-7 (NC) of Pilotenrekruteschule, PC-7 Team:
A-915, A-916, A-917, A-924, A-927, A-928, A-931, A-932, A-933, A-940
-324 CM170 pres on pole  
198 /315-GC CM170 pres on pole  
516/2-FR Mirage 3E stored  
404/13-QN Mirage 3E i/a, upside down  
147/XS TBM700 ET00065  
$ special colours

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