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Colmar 1992

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Date: 14 June 1992

Made by: Stephan van den Krommenacker, Roman Schneller, Thomas Werner

Updated: 1 August 2002

1512/CZL	Sa330		1 Rhc
1088/CWG	Sa341F		1 Rhc
3866/CXG	Sa342M		1 Rhc
103/315-XT	TB30		Ge 315
121/315-YL	TB30		Ge 315
E68/8-NA	Alpha Jet E	Ec 2/8
E129/8-NB	Alpha Jet E	Ec 2/8
04/CD		Cap 231		Gi 312
275/13-PY	Mirage 3 B	Ec 2/13
403/13-QB	Mirage 3 E	Ec 1/13
404/13-QN	Mirage 3 E	Ec 1/13
538/13-QH	Mirage 3 E	Ec 1/13
13/13-SE	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
18/13-SF	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
21/13-PA	Mirage 5F	Ec 2/13
24/13-SP	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
29/13-SO	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
32/13-SD	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
34/13-SR	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
48/13-PD	Mirage 5F	Ec 2/13
49/13-SI	Mirage 5F	Ec 3/13
51/13-PC	Mirage 5F	Ec 2/13
42/30-MC	Mirage F1C	Ec 2/30
55/30-MN	Mirage F1C	Ec 2/30
274/330-AJ	Mirage F1CT	Ceam 
278/13-QA	Mirage F1CT	Ec 1/13
362/3-JK	Mirage 2000N	Ec 2/3
511/2-FH	Mirage 2000B	Ec 2/2
516/2-FM	Mirage 2000B	Ec 2/2
205/13-TC	Cm170		Ec 13
A139/11-PC	Jaguar A	Ec 3/11
E15/7-PF	Jaguar E	Ec 2/7
E18/7-PI	Jaguar E	Ec 2/7
E25/7-PK	Jaguar E	Ec 2/7
F48/61-MT	C160F		Et 61
F214/64-GN	C160NG		Et 64
FA87		F16A		nn
FA92		F16A		31 Sqn
35+40		RF4E		Ag 51
38+54		F4F		Jg 72
44+88		Tornado		Jbg 33
MM6714/9-50	F104S		10 gruppo
MM6929/9-32	F104S		10 gruppo
J206		F16A		314 Sqn
06,07,08,09	Cap 230		Green March
4336/CNA-NP	Do28D2		FARM/Royal Moroc air force
XN981		Buccaneer S2B	12 Sqn
XZ431		Buccaneer S2B	12 Sqn
XX163,235	Hawk T1		4 Fts
ZE962/FJ	Tornado F3	25 Sqn
...../O		Tornado GR1	2 Sqn
163219/AA-210	F14B		VF 103
163499/AA-310	F/A18C		VF 83
163502/AA-410	F/A18C		VF 81

37/13-PB	Mirage 5F	ex AdlA

226/13-TH	Cm170		Ec 13

121/315-YL	TB30		Ge 315
133/YP		Cap 10B		Gi 312

Flying only:
201/36-CA	E3F		Eda 36
2096/67-CQ	Al 3		Eh 67

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