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Colmar-Meyenheim 1985

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Date: 19 May 1985

Made by: Herbert Dederichs


3550			RF-4E		AG51
40, 47			Super Etendard	11F
A131/11-EE, A107/11-YC	Jaguar A	EC11
E163/314-LS		Alphajet	GE314
1206/CZD		SA330B		1 RHC
635/33-NP		Mirage F1CR	ER33
355/33-TD		Mirage IIIRD	ER33
19/12-ZB, 68/12-ZK	Mirage F1C	EC12
264/41-AM		MH1521M		ELA41
119/313-SA		CAP10B		GE313
38/315-VK		Epsilon		GE315
14/2-EJ			Mirage 2000C	EC2
453/13-QA		Mirage IIIE	EC13
3870/CXN		SA342M		1RHC
6/13-SM, 52/13-SF	Mirage 5F	EC13
53/13-PC,55/13-PN	Mirage 5F	EC13
58/13-SE		Mirage 5F	EC13
465/13-TD		CM170R		EC13
FB19			F-16B		10 Wing
79-0041/BT bl		F-15C		36 TFW
79-0036/BT multi	F-15C		36 TFW '36 TFW'
E170/1,E51/2,E156/3	Alphajet	Patrouille de France
E55/4,E171/5,E59/6	Alphajet	Patrouille de France
E58/7,E61/8,E107/9	Alphajet	Patrouille de France
E172/-			Alphajet	Patrouille de France
F204/64-GD		C-160NG

410/13-QC, 427/13-QB	Mirage IIIE	EC13
46/13-SJ, 57/13-SP	Mirage 5F	EC13	solo display
22/13-PB, 38/13-PD	Mirage 5F	EC13	12-ship
20/13-PE, 18/13-PG	Mirage 5F	EC13	12-ship
32/13-PH, 24/13-PI	Mirage 5F	EC13	12-ship
43/13-PM, 21/13-SD	Mirage 5F	EC13	12-ship
33/13-SK, 50/13-SQ	Mirage 5F	EC13	12-ship
44/13-SR, 15/13-SS	Mirage 5F	EC13	12-ship
39/13-PF, 48/13-PO	Mirage 5F	EC13	spare

Hangar 1:
17/13-PA, 51/13-SH	Mirage 5F	EC13
268/2-ZL		Mirage IIIBE	EC2

Hangar 2:
54/13-PL		Mirage 5F	EC13
430/13-QI		Mirage IIIE	EC13

143/F-BLXV		MS733
97/F-GDRO		MS733		yellow c/s
37/F-....		Nord 3202
51-14790/F-AZAY		T-6G

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