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Colmar-Meyenheim 1997

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Date: 22 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


FB19                  F-16B        	nm (349sm)
459/312-JD            EMB312F           DV05.312  
23                    F-8P              12F       
133                   Falcon 10MER      57S       
A112/7-II             Jaguar A          EC03.007  
279/30-SC, 237/30-SE  Mirage F1CT       EC01.030  
272/30-SQ             Mirage F1CT       EC01.030  
225/30-QC, 223/30-QT  Mirage F1CT       EC02.030  
36/BI                 Mirage 4P         ERS01.091 
25/2-EJ               Mirage 2000C      EC01.002  
645/3-JO              Mirage 2000D      EC02.003  
369/4-BQ              Mirage 2000N      EC02.004  
4079/CXI              SA342M            1RHC      
4305/G-24             Tornado           TTTE      
4600                  Tornado           JBG34     
B-39                  Bo105CB           299sq     
J-638, J-648          F-16A(R)          306sq     
ZE969                 Tornado F3        11sq      
78-0514/SP,84-0027/SP F-15C             53rd FS   
Hangar near static:                        
228/30-SN, 283/30-SV  Mirage F1CT       EC01.030  
231/30-QR, 239/30-QD  Mirage F1CT       EC02.030  
244/30-QH, 235/30-QS  Mirage F1CT       EC02.030  

MS760 hangar:
202-XE                Jodel D.140  	SAVV00.701      
93/132-CN             MS760             EAM09.132       
EC01.030 hangar:                                 
260/30-SO             Mirage F1CT       EC01.030        
EC02.030 hangar:                                 
233/30-QG, 243/30-QN  Mirage F1CT       EC02.030        
247/30-QP, 232/30-QW  Mirage F1CT       Ec02.030        
MT36                  CM170R            33sm            
ST21, ST22, ST35      SF260M            5sm/The Swallows
E29/314-TM            Alpha Jet E       EAC00.314 spec.c/s
E117/314-UH           Alpha Jet E  	EAC00.314 
R18/61-MM             C-160R            ET01.061  
F213/64-GM            C-160NG           ET01.064  
21/CE                 CAP231            EPAA20.300
E24/7-PH, E30/7-PK    Jaguar E          EC02.007  
E37/7-PQ              Jaguar E          EC02.007  
514/33-FU             Mirage F1B        EC03.033  
15/33-FK, 90/33-FC    Mirage F1C        EC03.033  
512/2-FQ              Mirage 2000B      EC02.002  
4/2-FP                Mirage 2000C      EC02.002  
4023/CWV              SA342M            1RHC      
80/41-XF              TBM700            ETE00.041 
78/65-XE              TBM700            ETEC00.065
4360, 4411, 4589      Tornado           JBG34     
ZE204/DD              Tornado F3        11sq      
F-AZMO                CM175             '14'      
F-AZKM                OV-10B            '9924'    

Alpha Jet Es of the Patrouille de France: 
E173/0, E140/1, E128/2, E97/3, E153/4,  E141/5, E120/6,
E38/7,  E138/8, E104/9

TB-30s of EPAA00.315: 
92/1/F-SEXI, 105/4/F-SEXV, 100/2/F-SEXQ, 117/3/F-SEYH,

2118/JCV              AS350B       	Gendarmerie    
5509/67-WB,5520/67-WE AS355UN           EH02/067       
13/13-EC              Mirage 3C         gate guard     
403/13-QB             Mirage 3E         preserved tower
Flying from shelterarea:                        
257/30-SD, 219/30-SF  Mirage F1CT       EC01.030       
258/30-SZ             Mirage F1CT       EC01.030       
248/30-QQ             Mirage F1CT       EC02.030       

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