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Compi├Ęgne 2006

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Date: 10 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, David Moore, Rene


2028/BHT		SA318C		pres, gate

335			Mi-24P		86.HE      
0835			Mi-24V	        231.vrl    
1811/JCL		AS350B	        Gendarmerie
5156/F-ZBAD		AS355F2	        Douanes    
2298/CZX		AS532UL	        1RHC/EHOR  
887/MCA			PC-6/B2-H4	ECTM
1015/-			SA330B		i/a
3859/AFT		SA342M		6RHC
4218/AEB		SA342L1		6RHC

Hangar 07 (open):
3855/ABC		SA342M		EHADT

Hangar 08 (open):
4161/AFO		SA342M		6RHC
4227/AFF		SA342L1		6RHC

Hangar 72 (open):
1164/ADC, 1411/ADH	SA330B		6RHC

Hangar 077 (open):
4226/AFC		SA342L1		6RHC

Hangar 080 (open, behind camouflage net):
3458/ABE, 3858/ABD	SA342M		EHADT
4055/ABB		SA342M		EHADT
4216/AFA		SA342L1		6RHC

Hangar 100 (open, behind tents):
1117/BCJ		SA341F		EAALAT
1420/AEI		SA341F		6RHC

Helipad behind hangars:
(3992)/AFL, 4144/AEO	SA342M		6RHC

Flightline static side:
F-AZFR			P-2 Kraguj	ex Yugoslav 30153
F-AZGB	                Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20384  
F-AZIP	                PT-17		ex 40-1784               
F-AZJY	                JN760	        nn               
F-AZKN	                MS733	        ex France 165    
F-AZKP	                SV-4A	        ex France 1143   
F-AZMF	                P3-05	        ex Swiss A-828   
F-AZMG	                Soko 522	ex Yugoslav 60168
F-AZPK	                P2-05		ex Swiss A-111           
F-AZTJ	                Auster T7	ex RAF WE591/Y   
F-BCPN	                J3C-65		as 330510/KG             
F-BKNO	                J3C-65	        ex 44-80488      
F-BLYU	                N1101	        ex France 18     
F-GIBN	                MH1521	        ex France 261    
RA-3218K		Yak-50	        as "01 yl"   

Flightline far side:
0835			Mi-17		232.vrl
0788			Mi-24V	        231.vrl
716			Mi-24V	        86.HE  
1123/ADE, 1182/ADT	SA330B	        6RHC   
1663/ADI		SA330B	        6RHC   
1399/AEG, 1451/AFH	SA341F	        6RHC   
1522/AFE		SA341F	        6RHC   
3512/AFN, 3615/BWA	SA342M	        6RHC   
3948/AEK, 4034/AFM	SA342M	        6RHC   
4042/AEM, 4095/AFQ	SA342M	        6RHC   
4178/AEP, 4195/AFS	SA342M	        6RHC   
4210/AFB, 4231/AEC	SA342L1	        6RHC   
136/ABR			TBM-700B	EAAT

Flying only:
8x			Alpha Jet	Patrouille de France

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