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Date: 18 May 2002

Made by: S


AS565 Panther, French Navy
The AS565 Panther is being used by the Aéronavale as Anti-Submarine Warfare chopper. The 452 visible on the picture above, is operated by 36 Flotille and its homebase is Toulon-St.Mandrier. This base will be closed somewhere in 2002 and the units will move to Hyères.

Photo Patrick Smitshoek

H23			A109HA		17BnHATk   
71+83	                UH-1D	        HFWS       
87+21	                Bo105P	        HFWS       
84+14	                CH-53G	        HFWS       
1449/CN-AIL		SA330L	        Gendarmerie
B-63			Bo105CB4	299sq
Q-01	                AH-64D		302sq        
ZA675	                Chinook HC2	7sq  
ZD467/57		Harrier GR7	1sq
ZG478/68		Harrier GR7	1sq
XZ229/LA-457		Lynx HAS3	815sq
ZH853			Merlin HM1	824sq
XW235			Puma HC1	33sq
96-26684		UH-60L		A/3-158th AVN
87-0436			AH-64A	        1-1st AVN    
2221/JCY		AS350B	        Gendarmerie  
5527/AYE	        AS555UN	        EAALAT       
1384/BGA	        SA341F	        EAALAT       
3861/BPR	        SA342M	        5RHC         
891/MCE			PC-6B	        1GSALAT      
F-BRPQ/'80995'		O-2	        civil        
F-GLXD/2610		Alouette 2	civil
F-ZBBC/1791		Alouette 3	S├ęcurite Civile
F-ZBFH/2110		AS350BA		Douanes
F-ZBPA/9006		EC145		S├ęcurite Civile
G-BWXX			T-67M		1FTS mks

Hangar 6 behind the static:
1037/MLA, 1404/BGM	SA341F		wfu
1618/BCF, 1658		SA341F		wfu

Hangar behind the static:
1071/BDF, 1131/BDG	SA341F		EAALAT
1211/BCH, 1214/BDI	SA341F	        EAALAT
1282/BGO, 1315/BDB	SA341F	        EAALAT
1326/BDP, 1387/BGC	SA341F	        EAALAT
1419/BCO, 1430/BGI	SA341F	        EAALAT
1558/BDC, 1597/BGG	SA341F	        EAALAT

Museum display:
FR149/BNG		SO1221		preserved, rudder of FR99 
FR69			H-21C		preserved

Hangar H (near tower):
1151/BGN, 1175/BDM	SA341F		EAALAT
1077/BCK, 1129/BDB	SA341F		EAALAT

Flightline static side:
452			AS565MA		36F
802			Lynx HAS4	34F
F-AZIT			N3202		'74/AIT'
F-AZUV			CASA1.131E	nn
F-BCDX			J-3C-65		nn
F-GSCB/CB		PA-18-135	'18-4575'
RA-01808		Yak-52			nn

Flightline other side:
80+11			Bo105M		HFWS
T-321			AS332M		Swiss Air Force
121/VC			Cap10B		EVAA
22/300-CC		Cap232		EVAA
888/MCB			PC-6B		1GSALAT
1175/BDM		SA341F		EAALAT
1151/BGN		SA341F		EAALAT
F-AZJT			N3202		"71/AJT"
F-AZIJ +1		N3202		nn
G-BWXO			Firefly		1FTS

Outside Aero Club:
F-BIFB			L-19		'24582'

1094/DAX		Alouette 2	gate/preserved
1121/BRY		SA330Ba		5RHC
1452/BDE		SA341F		EAALAT
F-GNPF			Alouette 2	ex ALAT 1507
F-GYJL			Alouette 3	ex ALAT 1527
F-GIYE			Alouette 3	ex KLu A-452

136/ABR			TBM-700		3GHL
ZG770/WK		Tornado F3	56sq
1025/BJB		SA330Ba		DAOS

Hangars far side near museum:
1x			Mi-17?		nn
24588			O-1		ex ALAT
1070/BGP, 1189/BCG	SA341F		EAALAT
1373/BGJ, 1675/BDB	SA341F		EAALAT
1147, 1190, 1721	SA341F		EAALAT
Plus the following codes:

81			Alouette 2	only fuselage
162			Alouette 2	ex Marine
1634/BEJ		Alouette 2	
0001/AE			Alouette 3
0002			Alouette 3
1201			SA349-2
1003//BSP		SA361

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