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Dax 2004

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Date: 15 May 2004

Made by: S


H11			A109HO		17BnHATk      
82+56	                EC135T1	        HFWS          
84+57	                CH-53G	        HFWS          
87+53	                Bo105P1	        HFVAS300      
1393/CN-AIJ		SA330L	        RMorocGendarm.
1360/CN-AID		SA342L	        RMorocGendarm.
HT.17-19/ET-419		CH-47D	        BHELTRA V     
XX414/V			Gazelle AH1	671sq
XZ655/A			Lynx AH7	671sq
ZJ272/72		Squirrel HT1	DHFS           
T-316		        AS332M-1	nn             
5307/UC	                AS355F1		ETE00.043              
18/CA	                CAP232	        EPAA20.300     
207/BF	                D140E	        SAVV21.535     
5537/AYG	        AS555UN	        EAALAT         
1678/BFJ	        SA341F	        EAALAT         
3938/BPO	        SA342M	        5RHC           
488		        AS565MA	        36F            
273	                LynxHAS2(FN)	34F            
108	                CAP10B		50S                    
(9019)/JBD	        EC145	        Gendarmerie            
(9045)/F-ZBPU	        EC145	        Sécurité Civile        
F-AZFM		        N3400	        ex France 122          
F-AZHA	                NC856A	        ex France 25           
F-BGPA	                L-4A	        ex 42-36407            
F-BIFB	                O-1E	        ex France 24582        
F-GGKK	                MH1521M	        ex France 211          
F-GSCB	                L-21B	        ex 54-2606	c/n 18-4006
F-ZWTI	                NH90	        NHI                    
RA-1149K	        Mi-2	        nn		c/n 549532125      
RA-1808K	        Yak-52	        nn                     
RU-02248	        Mi-2	        nn                     

Hangar (open): 
24725/BUA		O-1E		pres museum
FR14/ATN		SO1121		pres museum
162			Alouette 2	pres museum
1086/AVW		H-19D		pres museum

Hangar (open): 
1611/BCJ		SA341F		EAALAT

Hangar (closed): 
1027/BGH, 1119/BDI	SA341F		EAALAT
1129/BDB, 1387/BDE	SA341F	        EAALAT
1419/BCK, 1482/BFI	SA341F	        EAALAT
1486/BDL, 1519/BFL	SA341F	        EAALAT
1690/BDJ		SA341F	        EAALAT

Far side:
889/MCC, 891/MCE	PC-6/B2-H2	ECTM
1066/BRW		SA330B		5RHC    
1087/AZN, 1198/AZD	SA330B	        EAALAT  
1109/BZB		SA330B	        3RHC    
1164/ADC		SA330B	        6RHC    
1451/BSZ		SA330B	        GAM/STAT
1311/BDA, (1540)/BFD	SA341F	        EAALAT  
1693/BCF		SA341F	        EAALAT  
4055/ABB		SA342M	        EHADT   
4102/BSR		SA342M	        GAM/STAT

Flying only:
7			Atlantique 2	21F
52			Sup Etendard	11F

1643/BDF		SA341F		EAALAT
1147/DAX		SA341F		pres gate
F-GIYE			Alouette 3	ex Netherlands A-452
F-GYJL			Alouette 3	ex France 1527

Hangar 18 (Friday):
1215/BFG, 1229/BDD	SA341F		EAALAT
1388/BDK, 1415/BDN	SA341F		EAALAT
1433/BDH, 1597/BGG	SA341F		EAALAT
On Friday also the BDA, BFD and BDF were seen here (see at other locations
in this report).

Hangar 19 left side (Friday):
1267/BGK, 1580/BGF	SA341F		EAALAT
1594/BGC, 1612/BGL	SA341F		EAALAT
1657/BGD		SA341F		EAALAT

Hangar 19 right side (Friday):
1070/BCD, 1090/BFF	SA341F		EAALAT
1105/BFM, 1172/BFE	SA341F	        EAALAT
1189/BCG, 1211/BCH	SA341F	        EAALAT
1232/BGI, 1316/BCA	SA341F	        EAALAT
1374/BFK, 1400/BFB	SA341F	        EAALAT
1452/BCE, 1462/BFA	SA341F	        EAALAT
1467/BCL, 1537/BGB	SA341F	        EAALAT
1558/BDC, 1575/BCB	SA341F	        EAALAT

Hangar 20 left side (Friday):
1175/BDM, 1198/BFH	SA341F		EAALAT
(1334)/BCC, (1354)/BCI	SA341F	        EAALAT
1536/BCM		SA341F	        EAALAT
3x			SA341F		EAALAT

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