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Dax 2006

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Date: 20 May 2006

Made by: Scramble, Mark de Greeuw, Alex v/d Goot, Gijs ten Velde, Marc Searle, Ian Polson


A66			SA318C		16sq MRH
H29			A109BA		18sq MRH
ST48			SF260D		5sm
H2-32			Bell 412HP	15BRLV
HA.15-51/ET-320		Bo105ATH	FAMET
XZ655/A			Lynx AH7	671sq
ZH833/85, ZH848/82	Merlin HM1	829sq
2298/CZX		AS532UL		1RHC
2638/BJR		EC725		DAOS    
1784/BBP		SA318C	        pres    
1119/BDI, 1133/BGN	SA341F	        EAALAT  
1194/BQW		SA341F	        5RHC    
3856/BPO	        SA342M	        EAALAT  
4212/BQM	        SA342L1	        5RHC    
2001/ATA	        EC665	        EAALAT  
2619/330-SC	        EC725	        EC05.330
802			LynxHAS4(FN)	34F
245			SE3160		22S
9046/F-ZBPV		EC145		Sec.Civile

Display hangar:
2117/AEX		SA318C		pres
1634/BEJ, 162		SE3130		pres

Maintenance hanger:
1175/BDM, 1281/BGJ	SA341F		EAALAT
1335/BDN, 1387/BDE	SA341F	        EAALAT
1433/BDH, 1519/BFL	SA341F	        EAALAT
1537/BGB, 1597/BGG	SA341F	        EAALAT
1598/BFC, 1678/BFJ	SA341F	        EAALAT

Far side:
A50			SA318C		16sq MRH
H35			A109BA		18sq MRH
ZD281			Lynx AH7	671sq
(1311)/BDA, (1594)/BGC	SA341F		EAALAT
4140/CXA		SA342M		1 RHC
(1087)/AZN		SA330B		EAALAT
2004/ATE		EC665		EAALAT
Serials between brackets () were not read off, but were taken from
the base-list of airframes that was obtained from personnel on the spot.

Hangar H19:
(1198)/BFH, (1607)/BFG	SA341F		EAALAT
(1353)/BDG, (1400)/BFB	SA341F		EAALAT
Plus nine more in this hangar. The BDG and BFB were outside on Sunday.

Stored line behind tower:
(1070)/BCD, (1090)/BFF	SA341F		stored
(1211)/BCH, (1215)/BFG	SA341F		stored
(1316)/BCA, (1334)/BCC	SA341F		stored
(1373)/BGJ, (1462)/BFA	SA341F		stored
(1486)/BDL		SA341F		stored

Flying only:
136/ABR			TBM-700B	EAAT

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