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Dijon 1980

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Date: 8 June 1980

Made by: Willy Metze

Updated:  3 October 2013

433/2-ED        Mirage IIIE                  EC1/2  
440/2-EN        Mirage IIIE                  EC1/2  
445/2-EQ        Mirage IIIE                  EC1/2  
207/2-F.        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
2../2-FG        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
204/2-FH        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
224/2-FJ        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
206/2-FM        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
201/2-FN        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
219/2-FS        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
226/2-FT        Mirage IIIB                  EC2/2  
274/2-ZB        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
275/2-ZC        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
264/2-ZD        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
260/2-ZE        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
261/2-ZF        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
276/2-ZG        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
268/2-ZL        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
269/2-ZM        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
271/2-ZN        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
272/2-ZO        Mirage IIIBE                 EC2/2  
402/2-LA        Mirage IIIE                  EC3/2  
405/2-LC        Mirage IIIE                  EC3/2 

404/2-LE Mirage IIIE EC3/2 443/2-LF Mirage IIIE EC3/2 427/2-LG Mirage IIIE EC3/2 412/2-LH Mirage IIIE EC3/2 456/2-LJ Mirage IIIE EC3/2 430/2-LM Mirage IIIE EC3/2 429/2-LO Mirage IIIE EC3/2 494/2-LQ Mirage IIIE EC3/2 426/2-LR Mirage IIIE EC3/2 439/2-LS Mirage IIIE EC3/2 419/2-LT Mirage IIIE EC3/2 70/2-HE CM170R ELVSV 62/2-HJ CM170R ELVSV 113/2-HH MH1521 ELVSV 124/41-AE MH1521 ELA00/041 A57/7-PG Jaguar A EC2/7 49/12-YG Mirage F1C EC1/12 24/AW Mirage IVA EB2/94 E32/314-LY Alpha Jet E GE314 286/118-IA MD311 CEAM118 175/63-WU N2501 ET2/63 32/64-BY N2501 ET3/64 123/312-BH N2501 GI312 1/VS CAP20 EPAA2/312 EVA 5/VY CAP20 EPAA2/312 EVA 529/VB CM170R GI312-PDF 544/VJ CM170R GI312-PDF 545/VK CM170R GI312-PDF 546/VL CM170R GI312-PDF 564/VQ CM170R GI312-PDF 5../V. CM170R GI312-PDF 5../V. CM170R GI312-PDF 5../V. CM170R GI312-PDF 5../V. CM170R GI312-PDF 5../V. CM170R GI312-PDF 5../V. CM170R GI312-PDF 77-0273/WR A-10A 81st TFW 77-0274/WR A-10A 81st TFW 76-0022/BT F-15A 22nd TFS 76-0065/BT F-15A 53rd TFS 104762/762 CF104G 1 CAG


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